Whey Protein is like a mystical ingredient that you catch glimpses of in health food shops. There are many varieties, as well as many different combination of the proteins with other ingredients. One thing is for sure, whey protein has a big fan base, read on and find out what is so special about whey protein.


We need protein for lots of clever stuff but the most impressive is to rebuild muscle, cells and bones. This is especially important when working out in the gym, trying to attain a bodybuilders physique and whey protein becomes an essential tool to help promote the growth of muscle. The protein contains elements of amino-acids which help to build muscle – the one thing that a bodybuilder is crazy about.

Body Builder


For people who do not want to look like Arnie Schwarzenneger , the protein has tonnes of benefits. Protein contains amino acids which are the initial ingredients needed to grow muscle, bone. Some manufacturers claim that the protein supplement is a great idea for those over the age of thirty as that is the age when muscle definition begins to decrease naturally. The theory is that the whey protein helps to replace that lost muscle and will aid in keeping people mobile into old age.


For those on a constant diet, there could be light at the end of the tunnel. Whey protein has had great success in supporting weight loss in preliminary trials in the US. The subjects had a whey protein shake before eating a meal and this proved to aid fat loss. Protein is a well discussed subject by dieters as the need for lean filling foods are often the foods high in protein. The theory is that the more high protein foods included in the diet, the better as the other food groups such as fat and carbohydrates should only be eaten in moderation if the goal is to lose weight.

Of course, sometimes it is important to gain weight as much as it is to lose weight. Following a bout of illness it is often necessary to put on some pounds and this can be easily achieved in a controlled environment by using whey protein correctly.

Scale-A-Week: 27 December 2009

Blood Pressure

Reducing blood pressure has become a focus for many of us in order to stay healthy. Raised blood pressure can lead to many serious complications such as a heart attack or stroke. Washington State University recently carried out some trials on the effects of whey protein when taken in drinks. The results showed that this miracle protein was great for reducing blood pressure.

Hey look, it's my blood pressure!

Traditionally, protein supplements have been taken by weight builders and athletes in order to improve muscle definition and to help their muscles recover after intense training. However, it is slowly becoming clear to to the everyday man that there are some excellent benefits in taking whey protein and this trend looks set to continue as more research is unveiled.

 Health food shops have stocked whey protein for some time but now online retailers such as Nature’s Best have made it a simple process to get access to good quality whey protein. It could be the most significant health choice that a person could make by choosing to take this wonder protein.