The epididymis is tube-like cavity located around the scrotum, a part of the male reproductive system. The sperm moves into and collects in the epididymis before it moves further into the vas deferens.

Epididymal cysts, commonly called scrotal cysts refer to fluid-filled sacs that occur in the tube-like epididymis. In most cases, the cyst is a benign one. They do not cause any pain in the patient and only cause some mild discomfort. They are also not associated to cancer in any way. These cysts occur at the head of the epididymis, which is just above the testicles. They can even be found by self-inspection, or the doctor may find them through a simple physical inspection. However, these cysts or lumps are not to be compared with cancer lumps, which occur within, rather than on, the testicles.

The most common and viable treatments in metro cities like Mumbai for scrotal cysts is the scrotal cyst removal surgery. Other forms of scrotal cyst removal treatment in Mumbai include using a needle to empty the sac. A needle is plunged into the cyst, and the fluid within it is drawn out. However, there is no guarantee that the cyst will disappear and in most cases, the fluid build-up just resumes. Therefore, surgery is the best, permanent solution to scrotal cysts. This is because the epididymal cysts are much more likely to come back after using needles, unlike the surgical procedure.


The patient is sedated, and given general anesthesia before the operation. The surgery itself is rather quick, barring the possibility of any complications. The surgeon makes a skilled incision around the cyst, and removes the entire fluid-filled sac. The skin is then quickly sewn up, using absorbable stitches in most cases. The wound itself is small, so the recovery time is reduced.

The doctor usually recommends surgery only if the cysts grow large enough to require one. The smaller cysts are best left alone unless they cause discomfort in the patient. The process is an outpatient one, so the patient is usually discharged from the hospital on the same day.

Post-op care:

Risks associated with the operation are not many and are the ones usually associated with any surgical procedure. This includes infection, bleeding, pain, swelling or even bruising. It is also common to feel drowsy for extended periods of time post-op, due to the effects of general anesthesia. The risk of bleeding is very low, and the risk of infection is low since the incision is a small one. The patient may be prescribed painkillers, if he feels any pain around the testicles after the procedure.

During an initial couple of days after the surgery, it is common to feel drowsy; however, you must remember to exercise, since it will do the wound no harm. You should be able to resume your activities as normal by the completion of seven days after the surgery. Bruising and swelling may occur in the patient, but they all disappear as the days progress.

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