There is hardly anything more annoying than high pollen levels during allergy season or the dust allergies many of us seem to have. Although some of the allergens we deal with may be active through different times of the year, we can still focus on proper cleaning techniques to remove them from our households. You will never have to suffer itchy throats, runny noses and trouble breathing, or even the worse scenarios of asthma episodes. The following tips will explain what you can do to keep the allergens to a minimum:

• Work on reducing the surfaces carrying allergens, especially if you have problems with your allergies already. You can do that by avoiding tablecloths and any other materials which may retain them, as well as art objects that would be a problem in the long run. Doing so will ensure you have a much easier time cleaning flawlessly and effectively when you do, since there will be far less allergens around with such a setup. Any surface that happens to be able to retain dust will be a big no-no, so make sure you stick to a more healthy background for your daily activities around your home or office.

Allergy-Free Cleaning Tips

• Monitoring the indoor air quality is another important aspect of dealing with allergens. Keeping some reasonable humidity levels for your home or office is a must, since higher humidity will easily mean the development of mold around your rooms. You have to make sure you keep the levels well below 50% to allow some easy breathing.

• Proper air purification is another necessary step toward removing the overall levels of allergens around your home or office. You should look for air purifiers with a good, HEPA filter that catches these annoying particles and filters them out. There are more than a few good technologies that make that happen, so look forward to using them.

• Another good way of making sure you have fewer chemicals around your home as well as keeping allergens to a minimum is to use a steam cleaner. The good ones will have plenty of attachments to clean areas that are hard to reach. You can work on disinfecting and sanitizing as well as overall cleaning the entire home with it, which will really help you with most things. A HEPA vacuum cleaner will also help with the rest, so cleaning will become a more manageable experience.

• You can and you should focus on washing shower curtains, bedding and other places that may collect allergens on a regular basis. This will let you control dust mites and more as you live there, so you won’t have to deal with any allergy episodes. Depending on the type of your allergy, you may want to open windows during some seasons or not, so make sure you know what triggers them so you can avoid them the rest of the time. If you’re not sure what does and you’re having serious difficulties most of the time, you should make sure you have someone else do it for you.