Networking has been with us for a long time even though the dynamics that are involved have continued to evolve over the course of time. Some people will remember the former days when networking meant hitting the street with your wallet filled with business cards which you could exchange with other people that you met on the street and other functions. There are other opportunities that also arose when many business owners would attend regular meetings at social events or Chamber of Commerce meetings; things were quite cumbersome than and it was always easy to receive a business card, put it in the card wallet and forget about it.

All the belongs to the past, at least for a few discerning individuals who have discovered the potential of online networking, thanks to the spread of the internet globally. Online networking that extends from social networking sites to professional networks is so effective it can actually be enjoyed from the comfort of a person’s home or office and still network with people from any part of the globe. One good thing about online networking is its cost effectiveness, efficiency in addition to the fact that it is quite easy to learn. Most people learn at once and they start reaping the rewards straight away.

Social networking sites: The greatest amount of online networking today happens on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Every one of these networking sites has millions of members who join every single day and they all serve unique audiences. While most people use them to meet old friends and acquaintances, you can also make it a job networking site or meet other people with similar interests; people use them to promote their business and make new friends.

Professional and Membership Sites: Different businesses and professions have online communities that provide opportunities for meeting and networking with other people in the same line of work. This is a great place to share ideas and ask questions in addition to helping other people in their career development.

Forums, Blogs and Communities: When you have specific interests, issues or questions, you can easily visit different bogs, forums or online networking communities where you can ask questions and get your answers. On the other hand, you can join hands with like-minded people to start a professional network site where you can exchange your ideas. If you are in business, this can be a great place to interact with your customers as well.

Online networking provides job seekers, employers, recruiters and business people with a powerful forum for interaction as well as marketing of goods and services. It is an uncomplicated way to interact with other people with whom you share any interests so that you don’t have to travel long distances in order to start the business of networking; everyone can benefit from online networking sites.