C-Arm is one of the most essential medical equipment in many clinics and hospitals across the world. A C-arm unit primarily consists of two components, namely the television or workstation and the intensifier unit.

The intensifier unit consists of a C-arm with its wide range of movements, allowing numerous surgical procedures. The image intensifier and the X-ray tube are placed directly opposite to each other.

C-Arms are mostly used in orthopedic operations and vascular procedures like fertility studies, barium studies, cardiac catheterization angiography, endoscopy, pain management, urology, etc to name a few.

C-arm helps you capture clear x-ray images with low intensity beams. The patients will not require extended scanning, because the low intensity images can be easily magnified to develop clear images.

All You Need To Know About C-arm Before Renting It For Your Clinic

Being compact and light weighted, it allows easy positioning and sufficient space to work and a variety of body movement. However, you need to choose whether you need a fixed C-arm system and a mobile C-arm.

Mobile C arms are more popular since it is less expensive and more versatile whereas the fixed one is used for more complex procedures and comes with a wide range of features. Another factor to be noted is that fixed C arm being is fixed at a particular place whereas the mobile one is flexible and can be moved anywhere.

So, if you have decided to rent a C-arm for your medical facility, then it is essential to identify the purpose for which you are planning to rent one.  It is highly recommended that before hiring refurbished C Arms, you get it checked by an expert to make sure that it is running properly.

Choosing the Best Supplier for C-arm

Try to get the best rate for the refurbished C-arm you are hiring. There are many C-arm suppliers, and thus you need to choose the one that can get this equipment shipped as soon as possible.

Know Your Resolution First

Depending on the medical procedure, you need to choose a higher resolution screen. Before hiring a C-arm, first check the lines per inch of the equipment to fix your precise resolution. A resolution stereotypically ranges from 535 lines per inch to 1000 lines per inch.

Identify the image intensifier of the Equipment you choose

The size of the image intensifier ranges from 7” to 13”.  The most commonly used one is the 9” image intensifier that comes with the magnification of 9/6/4.5. If you are Hiring a C-arm for all-purpose uses, then 9” image intensifier will work. 12” image intensifiers are used for larger scale procedures, especially in vascular, complex orthopedics and neurovascular, treatment.

Find Out the Size of C-Arm You Want To Rent

The size of C-arm is perhaps the utmost vital feature to look for while renting it. The portable size c-arm is the preferred choice for many. They are smaller in size, more accessible and occupy small spaces. A distinctive full size c-arm needs at least 10 feet by 12 feet of space.

Irrespective of size you pick, always double check if the device has sufficient room to cool down in the process of Fluoro. C-arm comes in a several makes counting from mini, compact, full size, and extra-large c-arms. Small size C-arms are used for small margin imaging, while the larger C-arms are best for imaging for obese.