Pregnancy is a very emotional and stressful time for many women. They constantly worry about the health of their baby, their own health, the delivery of the baby and, of course, bringing the baby home and being a good mom. As a mom of two little girls, I can attest that the worry that comes with pregnancy and being a mom never truly ends.

The last thing a pregnant woman should have to stress about is the safety of the hospitals’ delivery room. No new mom wants to think that the room they’re bringing the baby into the world could potentially be a hazard. Thankfully, many hospitals have gone above and beyond normal safety requirements to ensure the rooms are more secure than ever, giving the pregnant woman plenty of peace of mind.

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There are many decisions new moms need to make on delivery day, especially those moms who have chosen to give their baby up for adoption. Things that need to be decided include who will be in the delivery room, who will get to hold the baby first, how long you will stay in the hospital after delivery and more. The last thing on your mind – whether you’re keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption – should be wondering whether or not you and your baby are safe. That should be a given.

A few things hospitals are doing to ensure the safety of their delivery rooms include:

Using state-of-the-art infant monitoring systems. San Gorgonio Hospital, for example, has installed an infant monitoring system known as “Safe Place” to prevent newborn babies from being abducted. The newborn wears a band around their ankle that tracks movement, and if the baby is taken near an exit, an alarm will sound. This particular system allows the mom to rest and recover stress-free, knowing her baby is safe inside the hospital.

Limiting visiting hours. Hospitals have set visiting hours in their maternity wards to provide a safer and more secure environment for both the mom and the baby. Nurses and staff will also meet the mom’s requests as far as how many visitors they want per day and who is allowed in the room. The staff is there to help make you feel safe and will go above and beyond in doing so.

Encouraging safe sleeping habits. Akron Children’s Hospital is the latest to join the HALO Safer Way to Sleep program. The HALO wearable blanket wraps securely around the infant and replaces the need for crib bumpers, loose blankets, and pillows, all of which can be deadly for children. The baby goes home with the blanket, too, so the parents can continue practicing safe sleep habits.

Safety is important, especially when bringing a child into this world. Hospitals are now adapting security measures in every aspect of the process – from the use of infant-tracking devices to making sure the infant sleeps safely. As Gary Hobbs says in Expeditive’s Expert Interview Series, “As we advance the technology, we are limited by our imagination.” New moms – whether taking the baby home with them or putting the baby up for adoption – can rest easy knowing that their delivery will be safe. 

As we advance the technology, we are limited by our imagination,