Several facets of drug addiction and its treatment are often misunderstood by common people. Just like hospitals, different addiction recovery centers have different outcomes, prices, and standards. Similarly, many things remain unknown to you until you enter a rehab and you would never know such things until you sign up for treatment. Before you go to an addiction recovery center, you must know about these seven things:

7 Things You Are Not Aware Of About An Addiction Recovery Center

1. The results of an addiction recovery center are not guaranteed

No drug rehab can guarantee you proven results. Even if they have a success rate, it is not mandatory that you or your family member will be completely cured. However, in this case, you cannot blame a rehab. The rate of relapse among drug or alcohol addicts is 40%- 60%, which is because addiction is a complex lifelong problem and a difficult feat to achieve. Therefore, it is important to look for a genuinely reputed drug rehab.

2. The success rate hardly matters

The rate of success and actual relapse are just misleading numbers. The success rate can mean just a number of people who accomplished the program, despite the clinical results after completion. The rate if success could also mean the period of sobriety after treatment. The patients who report their period of sobriety may not always be truthful.

3. The high cost of a program does not guarantee success

An addiction recovery center may feature several facilities such as ocean view from the room, lush green gardens, well- uniformed polite staff, and several unique treatments. However, the results of the rehab are based on the quality of staff rather than its location. That is why; you should ask for a few references from the rehab before signing up for it.

4. Staff of the rehab may not be credential

The treatment counsellors of the rehab are the closest people to the patients. Therefore, it is important that the staff is well qualified. You can ask the rehab about their eligibility criteria for their counsellors. Studies suggest that hardly any addiction recovery centers ask for higher education while enrolling treatment counsellors.

5. Many addiction therapies are not scientific

Many drug rehabs use experimental therapies to treat their patients, but they do not have any concrete proof of their success. They claim that their new therapies can heal their patients as a whole concerning their mind and body. You must ask for concrete success of any new therapy they plan to implement for you or your friend.

6. Beware of the con game of rehabs

Many rehabs are running fraudulent business these days where they claim funding from the government for non- existent counsellors and patients. You must beware of such fraudulent organizations.

7. Profit may be their priority

When a rehab starts expanding too much, they begin to care more about their shareholders than the patients. However, some experts believe that more expansion brings more money that can be used for better care.