For David Baer Minnesota is an amazing state, particularly for those who like to go fishing. When he himself is not busy in his legal practice, working with local people on legal issues, dealing with probation, sending out a petition to court, working with other attorneys on Minnesota-issues, and generally be a lawyer, he loves to go fishing. In fact, not too long ago, as a young man, he even once thought about becoming a professional angler, leaving the law behind. He is grateful that he stuck to law, however. He lives for that email, those minutes, that download of a respondent’s answer in a tough case and he shall always fight for what is right. But every once in a while, he just wants to go fishing and Minnesota is the perfect place for that.

10 Reasons why for David Baer Minnesota Is the Ultimate Fishing Place

  1. There are 11,842 lakes in Minnesota that have a 10 acre+ surface area. Lake Minnetonka, Mille Lacs, and Leech Lake are just some of them.
  2. The state fish is the walleye, but there are many other species to fish as well, including the smallmouth and largemouth bass, the muskie, the northern pike, the salmon, the catfish, the whitefish, and many more.
  3. There are a couple of big fish to be caught as well. Indeed, people have caught a 54-pound musky, a 45pound 12ounce northern pike, a 38pound channel catfish, a 3pound 4ounce perch, a 43pound 8ounce lake trout, a 70pound flathead catfish, and a 17pound 8ounce walleye!
  4. It is possible to drive to most of the fishing locations and many are very easy to access. It is no surprise that people actually travel from afar just to get here.
  5. Minnesota is home to some amazing accommodations. Indeed, a list of 155 fishing charters and guides is available and the economy of the state thrives on angling visitors from other parts of the country. You know you can have a fantastic vacation, in other words.
  6. You can even go ice fishing! Fish live all year long and so long as you have the right kind of equipment available, you can go fishing during the winter as well. And if you don’t have the right kind of equipment, you can hire it.
  7. There are awesome fishing tournaments to take part in, ranging from a couple of local derbies to huge professional bass and walleye circuits. If you are competitive in nature, you know you will have a good time.
  8. Minnesota is a huge state, which means there is lots of diversity available as well. Perhaps you would like to take on a Mississippi monster catfish, or maybe the lake pike is more your type of thing. It’s all available.
  9. It is a great opportunity to just get away from things for a while. It is up to you to decide whether you want to stay near the cities or whether you want to go out in the sticks.
  10. Minnesota is home to some amazing hospitality. That is where the term “Minnesota Nice” comes from, in fact.