Kitting your teddy out in the latest fashions is easier now than ever before. When you’ve gone to the trouble of building your own bear, it makes sense to invest in high quality, stylish clothing to dress them. When you take a look at teddy bear clothes you’ll find there’s quite a large selection available.

What Style is your Bear?

The great thing about the large selection of bear clothing available is that you can choose literally any style to dress them in. From simple casual designs to elegant special occasion wear; you can find an outfit to suit your bear for absolutely any occasion.

Perhaps you want to take your teddy to the beach? If so a visor, shorts, sunglasses and maybe even a swimsuit could be the perfect choice. Or perhaps you’re just heading out on a shopping trip? In that case a t-shirt and jeans could be a good option. There’s even a fantastic selection of dresses and fancy dress outfits that will suit any party you want to take the bear to.

Teddy Bear Clothes For All Occasions

Providing for your Bears Birthday

One of the main benefits of build a bear is the fact that they have birthdays. Your child will love hosting a birthday party for their very own bear. What better way to celebrate the bear’s birthday than by buying it a brand new outfit? Your kids will love spending time dressing the bear up and inviting their friends around to celebrate. A teddy bear party is something that all little girls will love.

Top build a bear sites will even give you the option to request free invitations. Your child can fill these out and invite their friends and their teddies to the party.

The benefits of Bear Clothing

It may seem like an unnecessary expense buying teddy bear clothes. However, your kids will love them. These days so many kids spend most of their time watching TV and playing video games. They are losing the ability to use their imagination. Providing them with their very own bear and a selection of clothes will help to feed their imagination once again. They will spend hours dressing the bear and coming up with all kinds of different scenarios and places that the bear can go.

The clothing isn’t expensive either. Even top brand teddy clothes cost very little these days. You can conveniently buy them online and you could also make the most of sales. End of season sales often run regularly online and can save you quite a lot of money if you plan on buying a lot of teddy clothes.    

One thing you need to take into account when buying teddy bear clothes is how big the bear is. When you build a bear you tend to have three different size options. These include 8”, 12” and 15” teddies. Always ensure you’re buying the right size clothing for your bear. If buying online you should also check there’s a guarantee where you can return kits if needed.