Techniques For GAMSATStarted in 1995, this is a test that is used to select candidates who are interested in studying medicine and other related fields like dentistry, podiatry, pharmacy and veterinary science. The GAMSAT is conducted for admission into Australian, British, and Irish universities. The candidates can apply for Graduate Entry Programmes through GAMSAT. To be eligible for applying to the GAMSAT, the candidate must be having a recognised Bachelors degree or equivalent, which the candidate has duly completed and cleared before the commencement of the degree.

As is the case with most entrance exams like GMAT, for admission to coveted institutions for studying management, the result is in the form of percentile ranks, which denotes the number or percentage of total test takers who are behind you in terms of scores. So instead of giving the marks out of the total marks issued in the GAMSAT or any other exams, the results are in the form of percentiles, and the candidates who get placed in the top are the ones who get the highest percentile and are selected accordingly.

There is a prerequisite GAMSAT cut off score that a candidate needs to clear, to be able to get selected to the best colleges in Australia, Britain and Ireland. Along with clearing the cut off for GAMSAT, a candidate needs to make sure that the individual has secured the prerequisite marks in Bachelor degree. And the completion of any Bachelor Degree is one of the important criterions.

Having fulfilled all of the above, the candidate can next start applying to various colleges that teach medicine, dentistry, veterinary science course. Once having applied to a particular college, one needs to wait for the college authorities to respond to you incase you clear the cut off mentioned for the particular college of your choice. The college authorities will check all the above, like GAMSAT score and whether the candidate has cleared the cut off necessary for admission into that particular college, whether the candidate has cleared his Bachelor Degree and has secured the prerequisite marks in the same and has completed the degree without any papers remaining to be cleared.

Having scrutinised the GAMSAT and Bachelor Degree scores, and having found the candidate suitable for admission to the desired course, the candidate is invited for an interview. The candidate can apply to more than one university at a time using his GAMSAT score within the validity period of the GAMSAT score. So the candidate may have more than one or two interview calls at one time. Which is why one should keep themselves well informed before applying at various universities and colleges so as to carefully place the interview dates such as none collide with the other. A little bit of preplanning goes a long way in this case. Also prioritising the colleges which are best and making sure that they are on the top of the list of colleges and universities that one applies to. And make sure that the university offers the desired course and having the best faculty for the same.

The interview is conducted by highly qualified proponents of the medical profession and medicinal education. The interview mainly focuses on the candidate’s personal behaviours, moral ethics, verbal reasoning skills, and most importantly the strength of will to study medicine and motivation to pursue the same from their university. Having cleared the interview, the candidate may be placed accordingly to study the desired course.

Written has around 8 years of experience in teaching and coaching aspirants who wish to enter the medical field. He has done an extensive research on all competitive exams.