While learning swimming, we become so concerned about perfecting the techniques or making the stroke style right that we often tend to ignore the gears used in swimming. And one of the most important gears comes in the form of the swimming goggles. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an advance level swimmer, a pool swimmer or open water one, wearing goggles is a must. The chlorine in the pool waters and a lot of other impurities in the open waters has high chances of causing considerable harm to your eyes. In fact, the problem commonly known as Swimmer’s eye has troubled most swimmers at some point of time in their swimming career. A reddened eye that causes irritation is not only painful but also absolutely undesirable. With proper goggles being the ultimate solution to this problem, it is essential that you choose this gear right. Here is a list of the things that you must take into consideration while choosing this essential gear.

There is a Wide Variety Out There

To begin with, keep in mind that the sheer varieties in which swimming goggles are available will certainly make you spoilt for a choice. There are numerous shapes, sizes, styles making it necessary for the swimmer to have a clear idea about these even before he sets about buying one. What’s more, you have goggles that are meant for swimmers performing particular styles and strokes.

Set Your Priority Right

Swimming goggles, just like normal shades, are stylish too and it is quite justified for you to want to swim in style in one of the cool goggles. However, when it comes to choosing one, remember that it is a gear first and a style accessory later. So, the fit of the item should be the priority. When you buy it in a store, just open the pack, bring the lens close to your eyes with both hands and see if the natural suction holds the goggle on to your eyes for few seconds at least. If it does, then be assured that the goggle is right for you and that it will not allow the pool waters to seep into your eyes while you swim. This aspect should be given preference over a pair that is just cool to look at.

The Tint and the Shade of the Goggle

After the fit, the next most important thing is the tint and this will depend on whether you swim indoors or in the bright daylight outdoors. For indoor pool swimming, you can be a little flexible in selecting the tint of your lenses. Just make sure that you don’t take up a heavy mirrored pair as this might come in the way of a clear vision both above as well as under the waters. On the other hand, if you are mostly into swimming outdoors, go for a dark mirrored pair that will help you combat the effect of too sunny a day. The goggles will reduce the glare automatically. Also, keep another pair in red or blue tint handy. This one will be more suitable for the low light conditions, enhancing your visibility of the colored buoys, trees and so on.

The Goggle’s Gasket Matters Too

An ideal swimming goggle should not only fit your eye sockets well but also offer you with a great range of sight. When it comes to pool swimming, go for a sleek, low profile goggle to reduce the drag on the face. Now, a small goggle should not necessarily mean an uncomfortable one. After all, you will need to wear the goggles for hours daily and therefore; comfort should be your ultimate concern.

Apart from taking the above factors into consideration, make sure going for the right brand because a branded item will give you the desired value for your money. You can also consult the experts imparting the swimming lessons in West Des Moines if you are a beginner and have difficulty choosing one. Often, your best goggle will be the result of a consistent trial and error method with a few of them. So, be prepared for that too and make the most of this must-have swimming gear. All the best!