Ext JS has been available for usage for quite a few years now and considering the features it offers , there are a lot of developers who have replaced the traditional angular with ext JS. To define the basics, ext is a Javascript based framework that is primarily used to develop web applications. Some of the techniques that are prominently used by ext JS are DOM scripting, Ajax, etc. to build cross platform applications. If you are planning to take up an ExtJS workshop or learn it as general other Web Development Courses, this article would give you all the basics about the ext JS and its functionalities.

One of the most important features that you should know about the ext is that it contains a component library which is not jut huge but has almost everything that you would ever ask for as a developer. No other Javascript based framework can match up to what this library of ext has to offer. Unlike other application, which either work for mobile based development or the web based development, the ext is different. It has components that would be easy to optimize as and when you need. The simple meaning of this is that when you write a code using the component of the ext JS, you can use it for desktop application, mobile phones, tablets, and any native device that is available.

Ext JS has been used to create thousands of apps till now and the number continuous to increase. Ever since it was launched in 2007, a variety of newer versions of the same have been launched thus ensuring that the framework stays completely compatible with the enterprise related development needs. The best part here is that you can smoothly move from one version to another as it has been developed that way. As a user, you won’t have to frequently consult the guides to see what has to be done and how!

As mentioned above, there is a huge library that comes along with the ext and as a developer you will not have to source any of the components externally or for that matter write a code for it. Ext has been built on the basic concepts of MVC and MVVM which makes it easy for the developers to learn working around it. This saves the overall time and the productivity of the people working on the project.

In addition to the components that are made available for the developers, the ext JS comes with a huge set of tools as well. All of these tools are created in a way that it gives you a very clear vision of how your development related work would look and how it would shape up. Scalability is one area that is taken care of through these tools provided by Sencha, the brand that has introduced the Ext. Moreover, since majority of these tools are in perfect sync with ext, you don’t need to use any external plug-in for the same.