STX Entertainment an American entertainment production house and media giant company that creates and produces films. It also distributes, funds and does marketing of films (STXfilms), television (STXtelevision) and digital media (STXdigital), which also includes live events and virtual reality projects (STXsurreal).

The company STX Entertainment was co-founded in 2014 by notable film producer Robert Simonds and Bill McGlashan, the managing partner of the private equity firm TPG Growth, which was the STX’s first investor. Chinese private equity firm Hony Capital also funds STX Entertainment. There are numerous other investors like the Chinese conglomerate Tencent, Hong Kong-based company PCCW, Liberty Global the international TV and broadband company, and other various individual investors like Gigi Pritzker, Beau Wrigley, and Dominic Ng.

STX Entertainment sights to bridge the gap between China and the United States, and also other countries with additional partnerships around the world (STX international). STX aims to do this by direct distribution agreements with theaters, networks, and platforms. Robert Simonds in Deadline the news website mentioned in 2014 that they would be undertaking projects worth $1 billion.

The company was earlier rumored to be going for an initial public offering in mid-2018 that could have valued it at USD 3.5 billion. STX Entertainment announced for an Initial Public Offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in April 2018.

Robert Simonds and Bill McGlashan started with the vision of a media company that undertakes medium budget projects with a star attached. This conceptualization led to the launch of STX Entertainment in 2014 with a mission to produce, direct,self-distribute and finance star-driven content around the world.

STX Entertainment has multiple divisions.

STXfilms: Films division which also  includes animation and family content

STXtelevision: TV which also comprises scripted and unscripted content

STXdigital: Digital media which includes live events and virtual reality (STXsurreal)

STXinternational: International partnership and distribution arm headquartered in London.

Management OF STX.

Robert Simonds is the chairman and CEO of STX.

Tom McGrath who was the former chief operating officer of Viacom Group serves as the COO of STX.

Executive Vice president of corporate strategy – Noah Fogelson

Chief Financial Officer  –  Andrew Warren

Patricia Röckenwagner serves as the chief brand officer.


STXfilms in 2016 became the fastest film production studio ever to hit $100 million at the domestic box office with the R-rated comedy Bad Moms. Bad Moms earned more than USD 180 million worldwide, was among R-rated comedy to be the most profitable film of the year. Bad Moms also earned a People’s Choice Award for Best Comedy.

STX and Robert Simonds in Deadline, the news website continues to be featured in various articles.

STXfilms strives hard for female diversity in both the front of and behind the camera. As much as 20 plus films have lead actors as women or were directed by women.