Every student will benefit from taking their subject out of the classroom and putting what they have learned into context. Student tours are a vital part of the learning process for students no matter what the subject of choice. In the industry of travel many companies have started to include student tours in their portfolio and there are an increasing number of wonderful trips to choose from.

By taking students away from the constraints of the school situation you are exposing them to a more hands on way of learning, which can be extremely beneficial. Students gain a valuable learning experience while also being encouraged to push their own boundaries and challenge themselves personally and socially. Many students work very differently outside the confines of a classroom and the opportunity to put a subject into perspective often motivates and increases interest and commitment to a subject.


Travelling to foreign countries provides students with the opportunity to discover new cultures and learn more about the lives of different people throughout the world. Coming face to face with certain theories and ideas often provokes discussion and encourages students to challenge their preconceived ideas, and engage in valuable debate.

Three Subjects That Will Benefit From Student Tours

Student tours are open to all subjects and most companies will tailor-make tours so that the needs of your group are met. With so many fantastic trips already designed to suit all manner of subjects and running in conjunction with national curriculum requirements, there is likely to be one just perfect for your group.

Learning languages in a classroom can only take a student so far. There is no substitute for learning in the native country, conversing with local people and tackling everyday situations using the language they are studying. There are modern language trips to suit all of the languages learned in school and many of the trips include language courses that compliment the other linguistic based excursions. It does not take long for students to gain in confidence and consequently become more assertive and more familiar with the language of study.

The world offers the most incredible open classroom for the study of geography and whether it is climate change, land use, volcanoes or town planning there are some fantastic trips that offer students the chance to really get hands on with their subject and put into context all of the theory they have learned in the classroom. Geography and field trips go hand in hand so why not consider some of the wonderful destinations perfect for educational geography focussed trips and give your groups the chance to really spread their wings?

There are some incredible art galleries and wonderful art exhibitions spread throughout the world. While photographs and other images of famous art work give a good idea of an image there is nothing like seeing the real thing. From the Statue of David in Florence to the Mona Lisa in Paris, witnessing some of the world’s greatest pieces of art will inspire your students in every aspect of creativity.

With the benefits of student tours being recognised there are an increasing number of destinations and itineraries to choose from. Book with a reputable travel company and you will not be disappointed.