Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Las Vegas is at the nexus of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and California. Almost 40 million people visit the city every year, why not be one of them? It indeed takes a lot of tour operators to service this many travelers.

Las Vegas also known as the Sin City is famous for its spectacular hotels, casino that offers 24/7 gambling and star-struck shows. But it’s also a fantastic place to book value-packed bus tours to some of the planet’s best natural attractions. Las Vegas air fares can be cheaper if you will choose the right one for it. One of the best airports is the McCarran International Airport which offers discount air, tour and bus tickets. It is considered as the 15th busiest in the world. You’ll be presented with hundreds of promotional offers. The best deals will be for food, drink, and entertainment. So, in order to enjoy your stay in Las Vegas at the best form, it is best to book in advance on the Internet, where you will consistently net big savings.

Using a motor coach is safe, economical and affordable and is considered as the best way to explore the city. Here are the top 5 attractions of the city that has been the city’s pride for many years. These attractions are accessible by bus.

First is the Grand Canyon South Rim. The Grand Canyon is the part of the Colorado River basin which was developed over the past 40 million years. The Grand Canyon South Rim is the part of the Canyon where postcard-pictures are shot. The place is also full of wildlife if you know where and when to look to spot them. The place also has plenty of food, shopping centers and souvenirs, too. Therefore, the place is absolutely a must-see one.

Second is the Grand Canyon West Rim. It is the place where the Colorado River has carved spectacular terraced cliffs that rise over 4000 feet. This place is a Hualapai Indian territory. Here you can also find the Grand Canyon Skywalk. It is also a place that is not should be missed out.

Third is the Hoover Dam “Mini” Tours. Hoover Dam which is the considered as the second largest dam in the US is only 30 miles east of Las Vegas. Free guided tour is one of the best on the market. A satisfying mini tour Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas is perfect for visitors with time limitations. The newly constructed Observation Room is its major attraction.

Fourth is the Lake Mead Cruise. Lake Mead is the largest reservoir or man-made lake in the United States in the maximum water capacity. The cruise in the lake is past extinct volcanoes. It is only 100 yards away from Hoover Dam. It’s the only tour where you can easily experience the Colorado River.

And lastly, is the Las Vegas City Tour. The tour is offered at any time of the day. Key landmarks, including celeb mansions, Freemont Street, and The Strip are only some of the major places to be visited in the city.

Bus tour packages can also include helicopter rides, plane flights, river rafting excursions, and more. Among all operators that run internationally, Gray line tours is the most effective operator that is patronized by many. It is operated by one of the largest sightseeing companies in the world. Gray Line embodies safety, reliability, and value. Their tour guides undergo rigorous training and are oftentimes more knowledgeable about, for example, Las Vegas than the locals.

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