Sometimes when you are feeling too happy while travelling, you do not take a good care of your health. When travelling you have to be fit so that you can happily explore the new places. Otherwise, you may get sick. Who on earth wants to get sick while not being at home? I personally think that getting sick when being on a travelling trip is a really big no-no.

There are many things that you can do to keep yourself healthy and fit while you are travelling. Some of these things can be done without having to prepare many tools. Here are the things that you can do when travelling so that you will stay fit and energetic.

Taking a Walk

Do you realise that when travelling, you tend to walk more? I mean, this is obvious, because you do not expect to go places with a car or any other vehicles, right? In fact, talking a walk is a good thing to keep yourself healthy. When you explore around to get to know more about your surrounding place, walking is, in fact, keeping your body recharged with energy. A good walk for about 30 minutes is enough to keep yourself fit, especially in the morning while also getting refreshed with nice, healthy air of the morning, and at around noon after you have your lunch.

Keep Your Diet

The word ‘diet’ here does not necessarily mean that you are avoiding eating too much to keep yourself lean and thin. What I mean by the word ‘diet’ here is that you keep yourself from eating unhealthy meals. Do not forget to have fruits, if possible, to eat once in a while so that your body does not lackfibre. Keep your meal scheduled: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between them. Do not get too much sugar intake, although this one may be really hard to obey especially when you are in a culinary travel. The most important thing is always getting hydrated. Do not forget to bring a bottle of mineral water everywhere you go. You do not want to get dehydrated, do you?


I do not mean you need to bring a mattress and a yoga suit when you are in a travelling trip. However, I think it is very possible to do some stretching like in the morning after you woke up. Do simple movement like stretching your arms and back or a harder home workout like pushups or jumping jacks. These movements can really be done right at your hotel room, so I think it does not require too many preparations. Stretching will keep out your muscles from stiffness, so you can keep on exploring places.

Enough Sleep

Sleep is another important thing. Seriously, although you may feel curious to keep on exploring places or taking photos, you should really have enough sleep. Sleep keeps you refreshed. Have at least 8 hours of sleep at night and 30 minutes of a nap after lunch or brunch. This is enough to keep you fit.