Christmas is a jolly season for traveling and hanging out with your friends, only if you are able to manage it pretty well. Say goodbye with your workload and rush hour traffic jam, and get ready for a relaxing and blissful Christmas trip with these useful guide.

1. Book everything beforehand

We know that some of you perhaps loves surprises and do not mind taking a few detours when your destination fully books. Then it is fine, you can just enjoy the ride and find a new adventure. However, if the place is the number one destination on your bucket list, so spare you some agony and secure a ticket beforehand. Remember it is Christmas season and you will need to share the place with thousands of people, so do not get your hope too high.

2. Bring the necessities

Do not ever rely your personal necessities on your travel buddy or event the hotel where you stay. There is a lot of misfortune that might happen that leads on inconvenience during your short travel time. Always bring your own charger and adaptor, basic personal kits, medicine or anything else that could make your life miserable without. It is good to travel light when you plan to visit multiple destinations, but leaving basic necessities just plain lazy and unadvisable.

3. Read some reviews

Again, we do appreciate those travelers who love surprises but it will not hurt to give a little peek before you dive in. There is a lot of place in tourist attractions that are not as good as they advertise it. Your fellow travelers had warned you in their review so why not take their word as a precaution. So at least before you ended up to spend 3 hours queueing 3 minutes ride, you already know what you are up to.

4. Go easy on the booze

It is okay to loosen up a little bit and enjoy the journey with a little spike on your drink. It is a Christmas holiday after all, and you will get plenty of chance to enjoy delicious local beer and nice wine. However, losing your head in an unfamiliar place is very inadvisable and can lead you to experience the worst travel disaster that you can dream of, such as spending the rest of holiday in the local police station? Therefore, have yourself a very merry Christmas at the fullest but please remember when you should put the glass down.