Naturopathic medicine is the use of natural and therapeutic solutions to resolve common complaints. Instead of focusing on a single aspect of a patient’s health, naturopathic medicine tends to look at the whole person. This includes the physical, mental, emotional, genetic, and a whole host of other factors that affect a person’s well being. The unique aspect of naturopathic medicine is that it tends to look for more simple solutions to issues that may affect a person’s health. It is possible to use naturopathic methods to help resolve common illnesses.

Naturopathic Treatments

A person who participates in naturopathic treatments, may consider some nontraditional solutions to complaints before visiting a traditional physician for medical care. In some situations, a physician may even recommend a naturopathic solution. Some of these types of treatment involve the use of herbal remedies, essential oils, physical therapy, lifestyle counseling, and nutritional counseling.

How Naturopathic Medicine Helps Common Illnesses

Naturopathic Options for Common Illnesses

For the common cold, there are a number of naturopathic approaches that can be helpful. Rather than focusing on eliminating the cold symptoms, the naturopathic approach is to strengthen the immune system’s response to the cold. Helping a person’s body fight the cold, in turn, will help eliminate the symptoms. For nearly every issue related to a cold, there’s a naturopathic solution for helping it.

While the flu is a different illness than the common cold, it is something that many people experience every year during flu season. The same approach goes for how to resolve it through naturopathic methods. Focus on strengthening the body which will in turn help fight the illness and eliminate the symptoms.

Where Can I Find Naturopathic Items?

Locally, individuals can find naturopathic products at mainstream retailers as well as specialty retailers. You can find these store in shopping malls or stand alone locations. Physicians who support naturopathic therapies will also be able to tell you where to find products to help resolve a simple complaint.

In the news over the past year, there has been a lot of discussion about the naturopathic use of hemp products and super foods to help multiple illnesses. Companies like Bluebird Botanicals in Colorado specialize in the production of these products which can be ordered online and delivered right to your door. Since laws are still changing around the country, you will need to check the laws and regulations in your state to determine what you are legally able to order and use.


Naturopathic medicine is a good solution for minor physical and emotional illnesses. It’s possible to help strengthen the part of the body causing the issue, which in turns helps resolve the symptoms. A person who practices naturopathic medicine doesn’t typically avoid all types of traditional medicine. It simply might be a starting point for mild concerns before asking the physician for antibiotics or reaching for an over-the-counter product. With many physicians supporting these approaches, it’s possible to get the best out of both traditional and naturopathic medical solutions.