The Apple Watch is the new trending gadget in the global market. From A-list celebs to the man in the street, the Apple Watch is drawing praise and attention everywhere you look. It’s essentially a mini computer that you can attach to your wrist.

Apple Watch Review

I have been using my Apple Watch for about a year, and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with it overall. I use it from first thing in the morning ‘til the last thing at night so, it has now become like a body part of my own body. Although, in the starting days it was a little bit tricky as it has many functions but, as the time passes you will get used to it easily. As you continue using its various functions it eventually becomes an integral part of your routine, and therefore life. Since the watch is on your wrist it will instantly let you know whenever you have received an email or app notification – you will feel a gentle tap and, just like that, you can send the right response.

The best thing about the Apple Watch is that it cares about your health too. You can programme it so that, throughout the day, it will keep a track of your exercise, tracking every single activity and it will help to encourage your daily health routines. The interesting fact about this watch is that the health app is really impressive and it helped me to change my lifestyle a lot by simply reminding me to keep in good habits.

This watch not only allows you to choose from the various different categories but, also allows you to personalise it in terms of aesthetics. You can change the strap anytime you want which is pretty useful as it means you don’t have to reinvest in multiple watches in order to match up with your different outfits. You can easily switch from sporty to classic or whatever you want, with a wide variety of straps, both from Apple and various third parties (the latter of which tend to be a lot more affordable, which is great for keeping costs from spiralling out of control).

The story does not end here though. This small but powerful watch comes with different accessories, like a body cardio scale, smart sleep systems, blood pressure monitors, a blood glucometer and many more useful gizmos which I have found pretty useful.

It must be remembered though, that great things tend to come with a sizable price tag. In that regard, an Apple Watch is a pretty expensive investment. The basic price of an official Apple watch is between €300 and €400. There are also special limited editions which have been known to go for as much as $17K, which is pretty expensive by anyone’s definition. In my opinion, I would not like to spend that much money on a watch, even if I won the lottery – it just seems obscene.



  • Beautifully designed
  • Scratch-resistant, high-resolution screen
  • Lots of apps to choose from


Very expensive to purchase

Sometimes apps can take a while to open, which takes away from the overall handiness.