One of the best ways to be an individual and stand out in a crowd is through your wardrobe. What you wear is a great way to express yourself and make yourself feel more confident! There are so many ways to make your outfit fit your personality. Whether it is your hair style, shoes, or jewels, really the options are limitless.

Stand Out How To Authenticate Your Wardrobe


Starting from the top, your hair makes a statement all day, every day. Your hair color, cut, and whether or not you wear hair pieces says a lot about your style. You can add hair clips or headbands for added effects and colors. Curling and straightening are also authenticating tools at your disposal. Your hair is meant for experimenting and playing around with. Doing a dramatic cut might be a bit much for some, so you may choose to do something a little less dramatic like a light coloring.


This is perhaps one of the best ways to authenticate your own personal style. Earrings, necklaces and watches will really make an outfit pop and show off a style all your own. Colorful pieces like handcrafted Native American jewelry, such as those from Sunface Traders, can really add color and texture to an otherwise average outfit. Bright colors like turquoise and pinks greatly compliment all types of skin tones. Find something beautiful, complementary, and something you really want to show off!


Whether it is a light cover-up, blazer, or full on winter coat, adding a jacket of some kind will add texture and depth to any outfit. Blazers are great because they are a very versatile piece of clothing. You can use them for work and then wear the same one for a night out. Winter coats are sometimes a necessity depending on where you live. Buying a sturdy, but also good looking coat will make your trips outside that much cozier.


It is always fun to go shoe shopping and it does not even matter what type of shoes you are looking for: hiking, sandals, sneakers, heels, it is fun no matter what! You can spice up any look with a good pair of shoes. The new sneaker wedges are a hot item, you can wear them for any occasion as well. The best thing about shoes is that you can pick from a multiple number and be comfortable in them. Find the perfect pair and you can rule the world!

The best thing about dressing yourself is that you can dress to be whoever you want to be that day. You can express yourself in new ways every time you open your closet door!