Sometimes, couples who have been unsuccessful at conceiving may feel embarrassed to look for help or even blame themselves for not being able to get a child. If you are going through such a phase, you should remember that you are not alone; there are millions of individuals who encounter the same difficulties but manage to get a baby after getting treatment from infertility doctors. Also, this is not something you should be ashamed of; if anything, you need to talk about it so you are also able to get help in the process. Nonetheless, when it comes to infertility treatment, it’s the doctor you go to that matters because some are better at the job than others, and getting hold of a good one will give you better chances of conceiving after the first cycle of treatment. Here are the three main questions you need to ask to be sure to get the right treatment:

What Could Be Affecting My Fertility?

There are quite many things that can cause infertility issues. For some people, it may come about due to genetic disorders while for others; it may be due to poor egg or sperm quality. Also, fertility decreases with age. For women, it begins to go down at around the age of thirty five while for men, it goes down from the time they become 40 years. Therefore, if you are a couple in which the woman is over 35, it may make your chances of getting pregnant slimmer. Some treatments and drugs can also lead to issues of infertility. When you go to a clinic, infertility doctors can help assess the situation and look at the underlying causes and let you know what you should change to have a healthier reproductive system.

What Are The Success Rates Of The Different Types Of Treatment?

When looking for infertility treatment, you ultimately aim to succeed at conceiving so it really helps to know the chances you stand even before the process begins. Infertility doctors carry out different treatment procedures and they therefore best understand the alternatives that may work out for you, and those in which you may only have a slim chance. Considering how expensive the procedures already are, it’s important that you are fully informed about the probability of success. Apart from the key causes of the infertility such as age and genes, your lifestyle may also impact the effectiveness of the treatment administered.

3 Things To Ask An Infertility Doctor

How Many Cycles Should I Try Before I Go For A Different Option?

Infertility doctors deal with treatments in varying ways, and in addition to that , the recommended alternative may be based on your weight, whether you smoke and drink alcohol or not, among other things. Though, even with the many treatment procedures available, none is guaranteed to give positive results. Therefore, to maximize on the treatment, it’s best to know the limitations. For instance, if you wish to try out IVF, you should enquire about how long it should take before you consider another option such as an egg donor.