Think jumping on the trampoline is a young persons game, well think again. Yes, the younger and youngest generation enjoy hours of fun on a trampoline, but trampoline game playing is far from being regulated to only the young. Many families are now learning how to enjoy family time on a trampoline with a list of fun jumping games that will have families enjoying each others company and make the older feel young again.

Trampoline Fun For Family

There are many fun trampoline games out there that will have families bonding in no time. Bounce the Buddha, Dodgeball, Do As I Do, Memory Jump, and Seat-Drop War are just a few games that will have your family bouncing with laughter.

And not only is the laughter good for your family, trampoline jumping is great exercise and also strengthens the heart, lungs and bones.

The Family Fun Games

In Bounce the Buddha,

The object of the game is to have one person sit in the middle of the trampoline, legs crossed and arms folded, with elbows pointing outwards, looking much like a meditating Buddha. The other will then begin to bounce, trying to knock the Buddha over on to his/her side.

Do As I Do

Is another game where one person is the leader. The rest must complete the same jump as the leader and those who don’t are eliminated from the game.

Seat-Drop War

Is a fun game that involves two people (with your family you can make this a round robin tournament). The two people face each other and start a series of seat-drop and bounce. They continue the seat-drop and bounce rhythm until one loses control.

Trampoline Dodgeball,

There are a few versions of Dodgeball that can be played on a trampoline but one of the more fun ones is to put a ball (soccer ball preferably) in the middle of the trampoline. Now everyone starts jumping, trying to avoid the ball. Each time a person is touched by the ball, they are eliminated. The winner will be the last untouched person jumping.

There are obviously many more games a family can play on a trampoline. If the above examples are not enough, searching on the Internet for the best trampoline games for family would be useful. Keep in mind that if there are kids participating, you have to start with the easy and safe games first. Then after all the young ones finish with the games, then you can allow the older kids to play the more exciting games and tricks.

For any parent, safety is a major consideration when jumping as a family or as a single jumper. An enclosed trampoline (one with a protective net surrounding it) is probably the best bet for families, especially those with little kids or major daredevils.

Safety should be the main priority and choosing the right safety nets is critical for any trampoline set. No matter what the case though, a tremendous amount of family fun can be safely had on a trampoline. Time to get your jump on!

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