If you are a programmer, then you don’t have to change your profession as it is one the most well-paid professions in Canada. It should be noted that programmers don’t have to join any professional association. However, it is highly recommended to stock up with diploma confirmation. If Canadian university certificate is attached to prove your diploma, it will give you a chance to get a job quickly. If you are an engineering worker, you should know AutoCAD and have computer skills at advanced user level. It will be good, if you know the basics of programming in Visual Basic. In order to start working as an engineer, you should make a request to a professional association to confirm your qualifications. Confirmation of qualifications does not give you the right to be an engineer as it is only a formal recognition that you have the appropriate education. However, this confirmation can help you to get a job. Most of the companies in their ads for employment indicate that they need a P.Eng. (Certificate of Professional Engineer). You should join your professional association, pass some exams and get a license to say that you have a P.Eng.

Top Professions That Are In Great Demand In Canada

Experts of economic professions must undergo additional trainings. Trainings are held in various colleges and it takes about half a year to pass training courses. You can get the appropriate additional economic education at Seneca College, Toronto Business School, as well as Centennial College. The most popular profession is accountant or bookkeeper. It should be noted that this profession is also one of the most highly paid and it is always in demand. Many accountants have private practice and this kind of activity is considered to be one of the most successful in Canadian businesses, as well as software creation. There are also other areas where specialists of economic professions work successfully, in particular, working as financial advisors or banking specialists. All these professions are well-paid. Bookkeeper is less paid, but also popular profession. All workers of economic professions must know Excel and AccPac – Canadian program for accounting calculations.

There is good enough chance to get a job for foreign language interpreters, especially speaking fluently in English and French. They easily get jobs of clerks in various companies and government agencies. In addition, they have the opportunity to earn money in their free time as there is a large number of immigrants in Canada, who need high professional interpreter services. In order your translations to be accepted by official establishments they must be sealed. You must be a member of the Association of Interpreters to have your personal seal.

Another popular profession in Canada that does not require special education is sales assistant or a salesman (mainly for goods’ wholesale). All that is required is a tolerable knowledge of English language, computer skills and the ability to look into a new sphere quickly. That is why immigrants can easily get a job in dealerships, shops, companies engaged in the wholesale and small wholesale trade.

The most popular job for women is secretary of the company. The post of secretary in Canada involves the performance of all office duties – communication with clients, docflow procession, management decisions drafting, etc. This job requires good computer skills, knowledge of text editors, sometimes graphic programs, spreadsheets, databases, ability to deal with computer peripherals. Salaries are generally low – from $ 1,200 at the beginning of the career and up to $ 3,500 in a few years, but you can get a job quickly enough. We hope that these recommendations will help you to find good job quickly.

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