Believe it or not, contrary to the rumors about astrology, it is not a new age belief or even a religion. Astrology is in fact an ancient science that came about before astronomy or psychology. Astrology is not a form of witchcraft and is actually defined as the study of interactions among the stars and planets, and is based on complicated mathematical cycles.

The earliest recordings of astrology and horoscope readings can be traced back to 1645 BC in Babylon. The horoscope readings actually date back to 410 BC and have long been thought to be based in a form of spirituality. From Greece to Rome ancient civilizations had complicated processes that were used to read the horoscopes of the reigning and upper classes. Many astrologers were said to have lost their heads in ancient times because of readings that the rulers of the time didn’t like.

It was during the Renaissance period that almanacs on astrology became popular and widespread. Literacy was gaining ground and astrology along with it. When astronomy became so popular, astrology fell by the wayside for a while, but is very popular today.

Astrology works by reading the eight planets in our solar system and the sun and the moon. The positions of these planets in the solar system coincides with certain days of the year. These days, months, and planets are divided into what is known as the zodiac. Astrologers use a mathematical method to determine what is going to happen in a person’s life based on the alignment of the planets, what day it is, and the sign the person was born under.

Many people consider astrology to be witchcraft, and a bunch of mumbo jumbo; however, there seems to be more and more proof that the art that was once thought of as evil, is indeed a science just like anything else.

There is actually more than one type of astrology. The Zodiac is the main one used in the United States, which was talked about above. Chinese astrology, like Western astrology is often said to be part of the mystical world, but is indeed one of the most popular forms of spirituality followed outside of the United States. Instead of being based on water and earth signs, Chinese astrology uses signs such as dragon, tiger, ox, or rooster to correspond to different years, and tell horoscopes using them. Other forms of astrology include Babylonian, Egyptian, and Indian. The Babylonian and Egyptian astrology’s use basically the same 12 signs of the Zodiac into their systems as well.

Astrology is not considered to be the evil that it was at one time in the past. It is also not a new religion that people are starting to follow. The practice has concrete roots in the past, as well as the present, and many people believe firmly in what astrology has predicted and will predict for their days, as well as their futures. Astrology is a growing science that more people every day are starting to take a part in.

Skye McAllister has a keen interest in everything to do with astrology and spirituality. She writes blogs on the subject on a regular basis and gives tarot readings in her spare time.