The United States of America is the hub of education all over the world. Students from all parts of the globe throng here to study and achieve success here by living the so called American dream, of studying in one of the finest universities here and getting a job as well. Some of the world’s best colleges are found in the states and this are one of the main reason that so many students prefer to study here be it for graduation or even masters in different courses.

These colleges play a pivotal role in bringing so many people together for the purpose of education. It is like having a little taste of all countries and their cultures under one roof. It helps the children to learn values and traditions and fosters very capable young leaders. Some of the top universities in the United States are mentioned below.

Some Of The Best Universities Of The United States Of America

Top Universities of US:

1. Harvard University: One of the second best universities in the world the Harvard University is located at the Garden Street. It boasts of fabulous law and business management courses.

2. Stanford University: Stanford is located in Main Quad and is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Students from all over the world want to study in this premiere institution.

3. University of California: The University of California is third in ranking and is at Berkeley.

4. Yale University: situated in New Haven is the Yale College and it is one of the finest institutions in America.

5. University of Texas: Ranking 9th is the University of Texas and is situated in Austin. The weather is certainly fabulous.

6. University of Michigan: Ranking the sixth is the college of Michigan it is at Ann harbour. It has a wide range of courses to choose from.

7. Cornell University: This institution of higher education is to be found in Ithaca. Ranking seventh in America.

8. University of Washington: Coming in at number ten is the Washington University and is located at Seattle.

9. University of Illinois: Ranking eleventh in the list of the best colleges in the states is university of Illinois it is located at the west street Urbana,

10. Columbia University New York: Columbia University is located at the heart of the city at Broadway and is a great university to study at.

11. University of Chicago: On the east 59 streets in Chicago is the university and it ranks fourteen.

12. Dartmouth College: At the Mc Nutt Hall in Hanover is Dartmouth and are eleven in ranking.

13. Duke University: Duke is in Durham and is number 10 in ranking…

14. Princeton University:  It is to be found at New Jersey and its ranks number one. One of the most wonderful colleges to study in.

15. Pennsylvania State University:  It is located at Pennsylvania and is number 5 in ranking.

The above mentioned colleges are the very best the united states of America have to offer. You could conduct a research on what courses are offered in each university see what suits your needs and requirements the best. Most of them need to have applications submitted a few months in advance.