As a college student, you have so much going on at once. Between schoolwork, projects, studying, classes, clubs and organizations, sports teams and spending time with friends, it may seem like you barely have time to sleep. However, you still need to find a way to earn money to pay for all the things you love to do, textbooks, tuition and more. Here are 5 of the best job options for college students in 2014.

5 Of The Best Job Options For College Students In 2014

  1. One of the most convenient jobs to consider as a college student is to work as a library or study hall monitor. Your responsibilities in this job will be to keep books organized, maintain a quiet work area for all students and professors, and help people access information as needed. This is a low-key low-responsibility job that will also allow you some extra time for studying or catching up on assignments. This is an ideal job for someone with minimal free time to do work. Not only will you earn some extra cash, but you will also be able to stay on top of your class work and enjoy some much needed peace and quiet.
  2. Work for your school’s admissions team. By sophomore year you know your school pretty well and you can have the opportunity to share what you’ve learned and what you love with others who are considering attending your school as freshmen in the fall. Your responsibilities including giving tours and school presentations, talking to potential students and spreading the word about your campus! This job is also extremely convenient since you won’t need to drive or even leave campus to get to work!
  3. Work as a tutor in your major at school. Often your professor will have to recommend you or approve of you before you can tutor, but once you get the okay, this is a fantastic way to make some extra cash. If you are an English major you can work in the Writing Lab or if math is your forte you can tutor students in the Math Lab. The most sought after tutors are often strong is subjects like math, chemistry, statistics and more. You may even be ale to help an ESL or study abroad student who is working on their English language skills! Not only are you providing a helpful service to your peers and fellow classmates, but also you are solidifying your own skills and earning some money on the side.
  4. If you are tech savvy, consider contacting your school’s tech or IT department to inquire about jobs. Often these departments are understaffed with qualified tech professionals and they could use an extra, experienced hand. The often have various shifts, meaning hours would be flexible and work never ceases since college campuses have lots of computers and, unfortunately, a large need for repairs on a regular, consistent basis.
  5. Lastly, you can work with Alumni services. Often schools have a call center that stays in touch with all alumni. They keep alumni informed about campus successes, awards, events and more. In addition, the call center serves the school by asking alumni for supportive donations.

All of these options are convenient, part-time jobs that you can typically find on a college campus or nearby. These jobs provide you with some extra spending money to help you stay afloat financially, without taking away from your academics or social life! To learn more about jobs or online college programs, check out for more information.