It’s mid-August and the summer heat is slowly beginning to wane, but it’s not the heat that’s bothering you anymore, it’s being trapped in your house with your parents watching you with a microscope. No longer are you counting down the days, but rather the hours until you move back to your college campus for the fourth time or possibly even the first time. Maybe you’re a freshman moving into the dorms, or maybe you’re a senior moving into a “sweet” college house with the best friends you’ll ever know. Either way, it’s a big deal. All questionable items aside, you probably need some help moving that couch from the 90’s and that bulky desk. Regardless of whether you’re moving back to Boston College and need Boston movers or the University of San Francisco and need San Francisco movers, make sure you find the right company. But before hiring anyone, take these tips in stride.

Moving Tips For College Students

Pack Early

If the movers are going to arrive at your parent’s house in the next two hours and you’re still sitting on the couch eating potato chips, the cost to keep them waiting is on your dime. Plan ahead and get everything situated so the movers can grab, pack and go! Besides, when you pack in a hurry, you are more likely to either break something important or forget it altogether.

Get Online and Look for the Best Movers

Hiring the best moving company requires some research. Get online and find as many local moving companies as possible. Once you have your list of 5-10 moving companies, look for personal reviews concerning their services. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do they have to offer that their competitors don’t?
  • Were their personnel professionally trained?
  • Can you get a quote online?
  • What do Yelpers have to say?

Once you find a moving company that fits your budget and needs, make sure you call and ask about liability concerns, insurance and other costs. Some moving companies will provide you with moving supplies and some will even pack your items for you.

Assess your needs

This is especially important for freshman who are required to live in the dorms with at least one other roommate. Remember, first impressions are critical when attempting to build a relationship. Don’t attempt to hog 75% of your cramped dorm room with all your gear. If you’re going in blind, this will quickly push away your new roommate. Think like a minimalist: “what do I need? and what don’t I need?”. Sharing is caring. If you live close to home you can always swap items throughout the year.

Speed up the Unpacking Process

Pack similar items together and label your boxes. For example, when packing your desk materials, label the box(es) desk and pack it / them with desk items. That way when you move into your new digs, you can set your “desk box” next to your desk and unpack it all at it’s end destination. This will help you segment your unpacking strategy from room to room.

Some more Bullets

  • Don’t pack too many heavy items in large boxes (breakage)
  • Recycle your moving materials or send them home with mom and dad to be reused
  • Use a dolly to move heavy items and reduce your chance of injury