People need credit. From personal loans to mortgages and business financing, access to cash and capital is necessary for most Canadians. With so many options for types of loans, different terms and interest rates, things can get confusing quickly. Smarter Loans is an innovative platform that helps people make sense of it all, and get any kind of financing in a fast, convenient way.

Smarter Loans Review - Easy Way To Get A Loan In Canada

What is Smarter Loans?

Smarter Loans connects people who are looking for a loan or financing in a wide range of industries with reputable companies that can provide the funding. The platform makes the process easy and lets people compare their options, interest rates, terms and even read reviews on different lending companies. By educating themselves, people can make the wise choice.

As an analytical directory, Smarter Loans offers Canadians a single place to explore all loan and financing options, for any purpose. It could be for anything from pursuing their dreams to paying off unexpected bills, small business financing, or leasing a truck. Smarter Loans helps make this process fast, easy and convenient. 

How Does It Work?

Smarter Loans provides users with a chart that displays Canada’s top lending companies for different industries, their products, interest rates, terms, reviews, qualification criteria and other information. After exploring options and deciding on a lender to work with, visitors can click “Apply Now” to fill out a quick application directly with that company. They can also Pre-Apply with Smarter Loans, and get assistance finding a suitable loan provider.

All of this happens from the convenience of your home, with less headache. No longer do you need to stand in line in the cold or even go to a physical location to apply, get approved and receive the loan in a matter of days.

Is It Safe?

With so much of the process happening online, it is important to only deal with a reputable company when getting a loan. Smarter Loans works only with Canada’s well established and reputable lenders. To be listed on the website, a lender must have a solid track record, good business practices and customer service. When working with a company listed on Smarter Loans, people know they are dealing with a trustworthy lender.

On top of this, the platform helps Canadians make the smart loan decision by offering a large learning center with a library of resources that explain how loans work in Canada. Dedicated journalists write regular articles to educate the public about all types of financing, how it works and what the pros and cons of different loans are.


Key Benefits Could Improve
–       People can find any loan type (personal, business, mortgage, auto, trucks, equipment and more)

–       Many top Canadian lenders listed for different loan categories

–       People can compare rates and terms

–       Lender reviews

–       Fast and easy online application

–       Can get funding in a matter of days


–       Adding more lenders to the platform would give people even more options to choose from

–       Some interest rates can be quite high, however it is easier to get approved

In conclusion

Smarter Loans serves great value to people looking for cash, whether it is to grow their business as an investment or getting out of debt troubles. With a single place to compare options from Canada’s top lending companies, people can now find loans and financing faster and easier than ever before. Give it a try!