There are a lot of easy ways to handle residential cleaning, office or car windows. Some methods have proved easier than others. Of all chores, cleaning windows is listed as the most disliked and is often put off until the last moment. The majority of commercial products on the market for cleaning windows may get the job done, but at a high cost and often, the glass is left smeared or cloudy. Just because a product is advertised as “no streak” it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can avoid them. It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars per year on commercial products and solvents without ever achieving the results you desire.

Don’t despair; there are plenty of options to clean the glass in your home affordably, easily, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Simple thing you have around your home already such as baking soda, corn starch, club soda, lemon juice and white vinegar are a few of the basic items that can be used to clean glass to a sparkling shine.

Top Residential Cleaning Tips -The Cheapest Way To Clean Windows

Many commercial cleaners leave residue on the glass that builds over time. This is one of the main reasons that you get streaks when you wipe the glass. The most effective way, which also happens to be the cheapest way to clean windows is also the most environmentally friendly. One cheap way is to mix a half cup of regular white vinegar with a gallon of tap water. Use an absorbent sponge to soak the solution. Clean the windows liberally and use a window whisk to get the excess water off of the windows.

Another affordable and natural way to clean your windows and glass is by using cornstarch, 2 table spoons, white vinegar, one cup, and warm water, one gallon. This natural method will help remove the residue that has built up due to prolonged use of commercial cleaners. If you are not a fan of vinegar, squeeze the juice of a large lemon into a bowl, soak a sponge in that juice and use it to clean the windows. Rinse well with mildly warm water and buff to a shine with a soft cloth or crumpled newspaper.

Regardless of the method you choose to employ for residential cleaning, the best time to clean your windows is when the light from the sun is not focused on them. The direct sunlight causes the glass to dry faster than they are cleaned and will result in streaking.

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