In order to find the perfect accommodation facilities or a fine bed-and-breakfast hotel, consider the following guidelines that will help you become a smart and efficient traveler.

Places to See

If you take the US route 89, you find yourself in the Bear Lake Rest Area. You’ll be amazed by the view of the lake and the mountains around. Those who like the works of May Swenson should hurry to see the memorial plaque, located near a gorgeous scenery.

Place to Visit

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop always opens its doors to the travelers. Everything a road tripper needs can be found here: from multiple restaurants and movie theaters to a trucking museum and a church service. The stop serves around five thousand people a day, so your kids are bound to make some friends.

Places to Stay At

Little America may not seem a rest stop, but it is certainly the most helpful one. You’ll be able to fit in your whole family into the 500-acre hotel. If you want, your family can enjoy activities at the business center. The place is open until late at night, so you’ll definitely find a shelter there.

Places to Eat At

If you are ready for a food challenge, then R-Place Family Eatery is your destination. Don’t miss the chance and try out American cuisine and baked goods. The place is open 24/7, so a snack and a night cap are available here.

Places to Learn

Tamarack Tourist Information Center is at your service. This is where you’ll learn all the information about nearby destinations. Are you interested in the local history? Then check out the store with goods produced in the area. To top all that, there is a theater with live performances that will not leave you bored.

Places to Be Wild

If you are into bird-watching, then the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory is a must-see. Be sure to drive carefully along the State Highway 82. If you’re lucky, you’ll see broad-billed hummingbirds, canyon wrens, and Bell’s vireos while walking along the fence.

Places to Visit in an RV

Experienced RVers have already made their choice and named the Randolph C. Collier rest area the best one. It is worth visiting just because of the scenery. The grove of trees that stretches from the Klamath River and down the highways will keep away the noise of civilization. Randolph Collier, the Father of the Freeways, has made it possible for families to rest peacefully in this gorgeous area.

Despite the destination be sure to take care of the whole family. Look up the tips for traveling with kids now, before you end up in front of the motel with no free rooms. This is the reason you shouldn’t forget to use technology to travel comfortably.

There are plenty of apps for you to download before and after the trip. IExit will show the amenities available. It will also help you find nearby cafes and groceries. Also, make use of the GasBuddy apps. With its help, you’ll easily compare the gas prices in order to save some money. The worldwide known Google Maps will alert you of upcoming road hazards and traffic jams. With the Road Trippers you won’t miss any sightseeing gems on your way. The Trip Advisor and Hotel Tonight will assist you in choosing where to stay after a long day of driving.