The days to “live with it” exist no more. You are no longer bound to bear a thermostat at an inconvenient location or to open when you are near to it. Now, mobile applications let you monitor and control your entire home system from practically anywhere. These apps are available for iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

You can control your home heating and air quality temperature with remote access. With these mobile apps, users can view updates about indoor air quality, like the level of carbon dioxide and humidity from any locationthrough an internet connected mobile device.Many heating and air companies are offering these services in the harshest regions in the U.S. such as Oklahoma. One such company on the cutting edge in Oklahoma City is Yarbrough and Sons

Controlling Home Heating and Air with Mobile Apps


Control your home’s temperature from your internet connected iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the Nest Mobile app.Don’t wish to come home early to a cold house? Now you can turn up the heat on your way to home.

As Nest Mobile app allows you to adjust your Nest Learning Thermostat from any location. Enjoy supreme comfort and quality control lifestyle. Nest Mobile appsends reminder alerts toupdate filter or to upgrade programmable thermostat.

You just need to log in to Nest Account to view and control the temperature.

Key Advantages:

Remote access to check and change your home temperature • Remote access to view and edit your Nest’s schedule

Remote access to view for the duration about your heating and cooling system was on for the last 10 days

Remote access to the settings of your home’s Nest Learning Thermostat

Save 33% annually in energy bills


Vinint mobile app is for iPhone, Android and Blackberry which provides you greater home automation and energy management control, not matter if you are ‘tech savvy’ or not. Vivint mobile app is designed to be simple, user friendly and powerful. You can have remote access to monitor and control your home from any location. Vinint mobile app send commands and get updates in real time.You just need to log in and connect through any web enabled device.

Key Advantages:


Severe weather alerts

Motion detection

Two way communication

Home alerts

Remote access for customers to monitor and manage home energy usage

Ensures their homes and families are safe.


Honeywell mobile app is for Apple and Android devices. Wi-Fi enable thermostat allows the remote access via Smartphone, tablet or computer.Honey well mobile app Honeywell offermost effective and energy-efficient app thatfacilitates you to have remote access to control your home energy and whole-house appliances.

Controlling Home Heating and Air with Mobile Apps

Key Advantages:

Operates with virtually any system type

7 day programming feature allows different programming for each day along with 4 program periods per day.

Saves up to 33% on the annual heating and cooling costs.

Smart response technology- continually learns to pre-heat or pre-cool your home according to comfort levelyou programmed.

Auto change from heatand cool mode

Keeps the time in case of power failure and automatically update the time for daylight savings

Auto software updates

Secure network

1 year limited warranty

Honey well precision accuracy of +/-1 Fahrenheit