Planning your wedding can be one of the most stressful times of your life. And this is a time when you’re trying to look your best for the big day. While shopping and putting together your bridal trousseau is often right on top of the ‘To Do’ list, the after-wedding sleepwear is something many tend to put off. Although it is quite sure that you will sparkle and shine in your new wardrobe through the day, the late evenings are spent in the company of your husband and you wouldn’t want to be caught in a pair of rather dumpy pyjamas and an old tattered T shirt, no matter how comfortable the latter is.

Here’s a quick guide to help you shop for the sleepwear to be used in the days following your wedding.

The Wedding Night Dress

If you are one to rush off to a romantic honeymoon straight from the wedding you’ll need to have your wedding night wear packed in with the rest of your clothes. This dress is really special. You may want to pick out something that is both comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Satin and silk are two no-fail fabrics for the occasion and a lace trimming will add just the right amount of highlight to your night dress. The Madonna Lace Bodis – Night Dress & Gown is the perfect dress with a matching gown to suit your elegant taste.

The Short and Sweet Dress

The short and sweet dress is the sleep wear equivalent of the Little Black Dress. It is a staple that every woman needs in her wardrobe. This is likely the perfect nightdress for your honeymoon. Light colours – white, beige, peach, mint green – with a floral motif, preferably in some luxurious fabric like luxe satin is just right. It is both fun and flirty while lending the right amount of comfort.

The Necklace Embroidered Dress with colourful hand embroidered flowers seems to be the thing to crave for. The light pink satin brings out your feminine appeal while the shimmery hue makes the dress dreamy. You can find more similar collection on AfterDark that has variety worth every penny.

The Perfect Match

You and your partner may want to make the days following your honeymoon extra sweet and romantic by sharing your time, affection, and even by wearing matching outfits.

While matching day wear for you and your beau may be easy to find, you will certainly surprise him by gifting him and yourself a pair of matching pyjamas. Cotton chambray pyjamas are the best when it comes to comfort and style. Add hand embroidered funky patterns and you sure have a winner. The Tatra Unisex Hand-Embroidered Pyjamas is just what we have in mind. Two pairs of white cotton pyjamas with a black embroidery of a scenic landscape is just the right things to start off your dreams with.

The Frilly Girly Suit

The best time to show off your frilly feminine side are the days that follow the wedding. The newlywed glow and the radiant happiness on your face is sure to go well with soft floral and flowy sleep wear. The best fabric to go with the flounce and the flowers is pure cotton.

Check out the Joanne Embroidered Pyjama Suits with its soft pink double flounced capri pyjamas and matching tops. The schiffi lace trimmings and the floral buttons make this an easy but special outfit to lounge in with your husband.

A Short, Shorter, Shorts Girl

You are a blushing bride but you’re not the all-too-modest woman when it comes to your partner. Besides long flowy nightdresses are not really your style. You’re a shorts girl through and through but a newly wed bride needs something that sets her apart.

Look out for shorts and camisole suits in satin or silk and something with nylon or a lace trimming. Check out the Jane Shorts & Camisole in black luxe satin. The short camisole with a fine lace back and halter neck and the black shorts with lace trimmings makes you come out as a fun and fantastic bride.


Now that you are all aware and about to enter a new phase of life, it’s time to spend some time exploring the top notched premium sleepwear brands such as After Dark that promises best in terms of styles and fabrics! Happy wedding!