Winter is Coming and the cold winds are ready to strike, so its the time to reschedule the hair care routine. During winter, the environment is quite dry due to which makes it difficult for the hairs to retain its moisture. The problem of breakage and split ends is also experienced during the winters. So, to assist you in maintaining the healthy life of hairs, we are going to share some of the most valuable tips with you. Check out all the Best dermatologist recommended natural hair care tips for winters in the below article.

Best Natural Hair Care Tips for Winters

Deep Condition

hair care tips for winter season

Possessing a habit of conditioning the hairs regularly will work out for you. The number of conditioning session per month depends upon the type of curl you have but it recommended to go for conditioning on weekly basis or at least twice a month. Deep Conditioning will provide extra protein, moisture, and nutrients to your hairs which is very much required during winters as it prevents brittleness and breakage.

Protective Styling

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It is always recommended to cover the hairs during winters. It will protect the hairs from being in direct contact with the cold wind and will help in blocking the damage and dryness caused due to winter.

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Control Frizz

Natural hair care tips for winters

One of the biggest challenges which the girls face during the winter is the frizzy mess. Whether it is a hoodie, sweater, scarf, glove, or bean, all of them makes you hairs static and frizzy. One of the main reason behind this frizzy mess is lack of nourishment from the hairs. So, instead of using hot water for hair-wash, go with lukewarm water. This practice will help you in maintaining the level of natural oils in the hairs. Best Haircare tip for winters is to use Steam to Moisture the Hairs.


Fight The Flakes

hair care tips for dry hair in winters

During winter, the scalp is extra dried and itching due to the lack of moisture in winters. That is why the people face an issue of dandruff and aggravated scalp irritation during winters. This is a leading cause of hair fall, get rid of dandruff as soon as possible.  To handle this, it is recommended to use Olive Oil or Coconut Oil with Lemon. Take two teaspoons of olive or coconut oil and heat it for a while for a gentle warm feeling. Now, mix the warm oil with the lemon juice. After mixing it properly, massage your hairs with this for 20-30 minutes. Followed by this take a shower and rinse your hairs with shampoo and conditioner.

Honey for Shine

hair care tips during winters

During winters, the normal washing of hairs is not that much worthy. The hairs start to lose its moisture which gives a dull and lifeless look to the hairs. So, in order to bring back the shine of the hairs, comb your hairs with the wide-toothed wooden comb to solve the tangles and apply honey on the entire hairs (from root to tips). After this cover your hairs with shower cap or towel and keep it untouched for the next 30 minutes. As the 30 minutes over, wash your hairs with lukewarm water to complete the process. What you will experience is that your hairs are way shinny and stronger than before.


Right Way of Drying the Hair

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One of the common mistakes which the females commit is the drying of hairs. It is seen that girls use towels to dry their hairs. This is not the right procedure to dry hairs. Drying hairs in this fashion can lead to a number of problems like dandruff, breakage, and split ends. Now, the question comes that what is the right way to dry hairs? The best process of drying the hairs begin with a gentle squeezing of excess water/ moisture from the hairs, and then use a dryer to dry the hairs. Maintain a distance of minimum 15cm between hairs and dryer.

Trim the Split Ends

hair care tips for winters

Split ends can affect the health of entire hairs. So, it is advised to take proper care of tips of hairs. Trimming the split ends can also prove helpful in this case.

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