If you are planning to opt for an accommodation in Kolkata then staying in Flats in Kolkata for paying guests is a better option. Paying guests in Kolkata normally charge anywhere between 6 to 8 thousand and are mostly opted for by outstation candidates and young students. Food is usually availed form a local vendor and therein is the inconvenience. A lot many people would not prefer outside food or the typical Bengali food, hence flats are a preferable option.

What Options do you get with Renting Out a Flat?

Kolkata mostly has its paying guests centred in and around the area of Salt Lake City as this has sector 5 hub, which is the IT companies’ base in the city. Mostly people travel through Bus, Auto-rickshaws and Shuttle cars, although some also traverse by train and metros. The city’s cost of living is reasonable and the best part is that the auto rickshaws are reasonably priced compared to the other cities.

You would also find a lot of paying guests in and around the Airport and the Newtown as well, as that part of the town is less congested. If you are considering renting out a flat as a paying guest then you would need to keep three months’ rent as the advance towards the flat. Mostly people prefer flats as paying guests as this is more affordable in the city compared to the other cities.

Food Options

Also, keep in mind the fact that the food options are limited in Kolkata and hence a lot of people who are not localities prefer to cook on their own, unless you want to spend a lot on eating in restaurants outside for the food of your choice.

When compared to the other cities and metros, Kolkata is reasonably priced and the new flats are also something that most people settle down in nowadays in the city’s posh Salt Lake City area.

What Kind of Flats to go for?

The city and some parts of it, is known for its old buildings as well as congested walkways. It is preferable to opt for newly built flats as there are fewer problems associated with maintenance and upkeep. It is always better to look out for the posher areas of the city than the congested ones, as they are the older flats and are further off from the Hub. But on the price front they are more than comfortable and affordable. If price is the main factor then you could consider the non-posh areas and you would get a slightly lower quality flat for a lesser flat. The city is more or less dependent on its brokers for renting purposes, so if you would want to avoid the brokerage fee, it is advisable to opt for classified ads online. For more information visit: housing.com