It might be much easier to look for comfortable flats for paying guests in Bangalore, than altogether going for a paying guest as these come with multiple rules and are usually meant for students. Ideally in a flat that is a paying guest, you have two or three rooms that are shared with one or two people and are fully furnished for your comforts and are just a bit higher priced than the normal paying guests.

What to Look Out for when you Choose Flats as Paying Guests?

A lot of flats in Bangalore have issues with water and power back up. While choosing a flat for paying guests in Bangalore that these facilities are available and that the society is not dependent on some tanker. If there is a bore well then it’s still fine, but with it come issues that give rise to extra costs. Ensure that you are not additionally charged for the same.

Parking Woes

A lot of flats have paid parking, should you use a two wheeler or a vehicle of your own to stay, then ensure that that the costs that are quoted to you are inclusive of the rent that you pay. When looking at other facilities, ensure that there are enough common toilets and baths for people, than a scarcity of the same. This is of prime importance as it takes up a lot of time for a lot of inmates to get ready for their daily schedules if there are a lot of people sharing the same toilet and bathroom.

Storage Options

Another pointer to look at is the storage, ensure that either the flat is furnished with cupboards that have locks in built in them or the same is provided to keep your things safe and locked. Another major point to consider is the key to the main door. Always ensure that you would be given a spare key to the main door as well as your room door. A very important point to keep in mind is the location of the flat and its vicinity to shops and bus stands so that you are not stuck walking too much or staying in areas that are too far off from the main roads.


A lot of comfortable flats for paying guests in Bangalore also come with facilities like gym, swimming pool etc. ensure that the paying guest lets you use those facilities as well. Most of the cases these extra facilities are charged extra by the landlords enquire if they are part of the rent or to be paid extra.

Staying in flats works out to be a better option given that the accommodation is in a gated community and that it already has services like security and parking and other benefits that do not come with a normal house or a paying guest. Ultimately the choice is yours. For more information log on to