The dearest wish of every woman is to stay young and beautiful regardless of her age. Unfortunately, the nature and the time give women no quarter. The skin starts sag and gains unpleasant tone. Still, it is not the reason to give up. We are so lucky to live in the age of the development of new technologies, which are designed to make our lives easy and happy. Nowadays, the beauty industry provides a huge variety of different procedures and methods that allow women preserve their beauty and stay young for many years to come. Scientists all over the world work hard to invent more effective methods of skin rejuvenation. Recently, the specialist in the sphere of beauty and cosmetic surgery from Calgary has developed absolutely new method that facilitates the procedure of facelift greatly.

However, despite compelling arguments of professionals from Calgary, many people still have doubts about the safety of the facelift operation. So, let’s try to find out what risks are associated with the procedure of face skin correction.

How To Exclude Risks Associated With Facial Corrective Surgery

First and the main risk of facelift are connected with unrealistic expectations of patients. Of course, this type of face correction is very effective and can make the person look younger, still it is necessary to understand that even the latest technologies in the beauty industry cannot make you look a girl of twenties girl in your forty. If the facelift surgery was performed correctly, the patient is adequate, informed and has realistic expectations, he will be satisfied in most cases. The best plastic surgeons of Calgary claim that this risk can be easily excluded in case the specialist, who will perform a facelift, will take his time to explain the patient what it is possible to expect from this cosmetic operation.

Among other types of risk the postoperative bleeding is considered to be the most dangerous. The specialist of one of the clinics in Calgary says that such bleeding occurs usually in the first 10 or 12 hours after the operation. In most cases the bleeding is accompanied by great pain and swelling. It will be necessary to take painkillers and doctors must monitor the patients’ state till it comes to norm. For this reason, after a facelift the patient is advised not to leave the clinic or to maintain close contact with the surgeon. If the bleeding does happen, it is usually easy to stop. Postoperative bleeding has no adverse effect on the outcome of the facelift.

The risk of bleeding after the surgery is higher in case the patient took aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs before the operation. The patients with high blood pressure are also pron to postoperative bleeding. That is why; the surgeons from Calgary strongly recommend to keep the blood pressure under strict control before the operation by using prescribed drugs. For the same reason, it is desirable not to perform any difficult tasks after the surgery: stress and anxiety can increase pressure and thereby increase the risk of bleeding.

During the face correction, there is also minimal risk of damage of the external branches of the facial nerve. Two parts of this nerve are particularly vulnerable: the lower branch, which controls the corners of the mouth, and the upper, which raises eyebrows and frowns. Some weakness of these muscles can be caused by edema, which compresses any nerve twig. In such a case, a full recovery of facial mimicry may take from several weeks to several months.

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