It is not complicated to find Healthy food, make your self control and comfortable in eating your food. Consuming excess of food without any time schedule will make some health problem like Acidity, Ulcer, and Gas related troubles in your stomach as your age goes up. Follow this common step which also helps you lose weight and keeps you healthy.

Schedule you Diet

Schedule your diet to control your health related problems,

Example:  people who works regularly on computer or housewives watching TV affect your eyes, and suffering from serious head ace and have Eye site glasses or Head ace glasses not only your eyes, you will have several digestion problems joint pains, irritation and so on. This all problems depend upon your dietary consumption.

Schedule Your Healthy Food Guide

People don’t understand why they grow weight and fails in losing their weight, after taking proper and limited diet, they grow excess of fat in their body. This is all because of not maintaining proper schedule in taking your food.

For this I will give you a small example of our Army and Military soldiers, they all together maintain a schedule in eating their food.

They will have their breakfast before 7:00 AM in the morning,

 Lunch before 1:00 PM Noon, And Dinner before 7:00 PM evening.

How to Schedule your Diet?

  • Make a schedule of eating meat, leafy vegetables, vegetable, never go for a habit of routine food; your body needs all different kinds of nutrition to keep you healthy. So it is better to make a day’s schedule in eating meat, leafy vegetables, and vegetables. Make a regular habit of this process it keeps you all healthy.
  • Always make a habit of eating at home and carrying a lunch box, never go crazy about eating outside stuff regular eating of same food causes some dangerous infection to your stomach.
  • Eat light food in the morning before 7:00 AM, Have Good full Lunch at Noon, Eat dry Snacks and have a full glass of Milk Before 7:00 PM at evening and go to bed. Never eat healthy food at evening, because you eat and directly go to bed, the heavy food won’t get digested and it all converts into fat, I recommend you to eat Healthy food only at lunch it all good for your health.
  •  People of non-vegetarian are more likely to eat meat regularly, it is better to make interest of eating vegetables and leafy vegetables.
  • Vegetarian people should also have variations in choosing your vegetables, many vegetarians are interest of eating pulses soups, and the thing is Pulses also have a large amount of fat quantity in it which is equal to meat.