Why searching tips to lose weight or control your weight, first know how you are gaining your weight and avoid those things, they don’t cost you pay any large amount of money or something which is expensive make yourself comfortable in maintaining your health, here below there is some thing you always ignore to do it daily and also some mistakes you do daily.


First comes your comfort way of living. Making a habit of driving motorcycle or cars to travel which is almost walking distances. Using elevators instead of walking on stairs and many more other reasons, and today’s technology’s became more fluent to reduce humans work totally.

Always make a habit of walking at morning or at evening for at least 30-60 minutes a day, if you are a comfort, worker at your office, company, business or at home make a habit of walking on stairs and always make yourself working with something.


Not having a proper schedule in your diet. Maintaining random times in your diet will grow excess of fat in your body. Eating heavy food regularly will increase, Ignoring to take proper control in taking your calorie diet.  The point is not that you are having all fried foods, and heavy foods, the thing is you are not working enough to digest the food you just ate.

Causes Of Gaining Weight and How To Control It

People who stay far from parents are living separately from home them; they make a habit of eating outside food like steaks, pizza, and any other fried foods, this increase fats in your body rapidly. Instead of eating heavy foods regularly make a habit of eating vegetables, and green leafy vegetables also low fat foods.

If you are confused and don’t know which is good diet food, I recommend you to eat fiber foods which are high in calories and less in fat substances.


People are making a major mistake of taking their diet regularly without proper schedule, eating heavy food all the day morning, afternoon and evening. Most of the people eat heavy food at evening and go to sleep, this is the biggest mistake everyone does, because the evening food won’t get digested properly and it all turns into fat.

Make a schedule in your diet eat less at morning breakfast, and have perfect meals at Lunch and eat dry food at evening and drink glass of milk and go to sleep.


Especially housewives, and people who work from home, after your meals you directly go to bed at any time, this is not good. Because whenever you sleep your all body muscles go rested, and the energy is not used and it is all converted into fat.

Instead of sleeping regularly look after your home and outside, for example, like keeping your home clean, maintaining your garden instead of hiring a person. Repairing some things thing which is useful to you.