There have been thousands of government campaigns and health warnings in the last couple of years that have made it apparent to us that smoking is not suitable for our health. Even the cigarette boxes have the stickers that warn people of the dangers of tobacco smoking. It is the nicotine in the cigarette that makes smoking to become a habit that is highly addictive. It does not take long for an individual to become addicted to smoking and once you become hooked your body will always tell you when it needs nicotine to fix some withdrawals symptoms. This makes it difficult for a traditional cigarette smoker to quit smoking. Many people around the world are addicted to smoking but secretly wish they could stop the habit. But, could switch from smoking to vaping change all this?

Save Money

Most of the people who quit smoking are usually financially motivated. This does not come as a surprise because traditional cigarettes do not come cheap. There are plans by the manufacturers of cigarettes to put the price up even more soon. This move is aimed to encourage smokers to give up the habit. When you decide to switch to vaping, you will have a far cheaper habit than smoking the traditional cigarettes. The biggest purchase you will make when you decide to change to vaping is the vaporizer or the e-cigarette itself. After purchasing a vaporizer, you will regularly need to buy e-liquids when they run out in the e-cigarette. When you calculate the cost of buying e-liquids in a month and that of buying cigarettes in a month, you will find out that it is financially cheaper to purchase e-liquids as compared to buying cigarettes.  Visit the website for more information on vaping.


Health is the main reason as to why many smokers are switching to vaping. Experts have revealed to us that there are minimal health effects of vaping as compared to smoking. Vaping is better for your health, unlike smoking. E-liquids do not contain any harmful gasses and chemicals. The traditional cigarettes are made up of tobacco and other toxic substances that are harmful to your health. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is produced when you burn tobacco and is harmful to your body. Carbon Monoxide deprives the body of individual oxygen yet oxygen is one of the most important gases in our bodies.  Vaping, unlike smoking, does not produce any carbon monoxide and this among the reasons why vaping is healthier than smoking. The oxygen levels in the blood of an individual who uses e-cigarettes are normal.

Studies have revealed to us that the smoke emitted from a person who is smoking a conventional cigarette can have an impact on a passerby. This is what is known as passive smoking. The vapor that is emitted by e-cigarettes does not have any effect on bystanders. The vapor that is produced by the vaporizers looks like smoke and only lasts a few seconds and leaves no trace behind. This vapor does not have a scent unlike the smoke from a tobacco cigarette.  Visit the  website to learn more about the health benefits of vaping.