COPD and cancer are only some of the diseases that can kill millions of people in the most painful and agonizing way. In the United States alone, 2 out of 10 deaths are accounted to illnesses that are related to smoking tobacco and commercialized cigarettes. However, even if this rate is alarming, a lot of smokers still cannot find the will to resist the temptation of smoking and quit this habit entirely. This is because in general, smoking is ADDICTIVE.

Quitting is a matter of control, and although there are people who were really able to control themselves and bury their smoking habit deep underground, this proportion is small. In the past few years, the sales of commercialized cigarettes have significantly declined, but this trend cannot be accounted to the number of cigarette smokers who quit. Instead, the release of e-cigarettes (the ego cigarette being particularly popular) are said to be the main cause of this decline.

Saying ‘No’ To Tobacco The Electronic Cigarette Way

Electronic Cigarette

Shishas are options of non-smokers who would like to get the feel of inhaling and exhaling vapour, and even though there are a lot of people who fancy the idea of vaping shishas, the problem with this is that it’s not portable and you cannot bring it anywhere at any given time. However, electronic cigarette was introduced to the US market in the year 2007 and this commercial product became controversial, gathering a large demand from consumers.


Electronic cigarettes are 100% tobacco-free, and this device acts as a vaporizer. Once a tobacco is lit, the harsh substances are burnt, releasing harmful chemicals that the user inhales and exhales. E-cigarette, on the other hand, works on a different mechanism. It is a vaporizer that heats the liquid substance, consequently forming vapour which the user inhales and exhales. This product is widely known as ‘vape’ because of this working mechanism.

The Pros of Using Electronic Cigarette

Even if this product has gained detractors and critics for the past few years, the advantages of using electronic cigarettes far outweigh controversies. Firstly, e-cigars are known for helping former tobacco smokers on quitting their habit. Since it carriesless toxins, it is proven to be advantageous for those who are on their way to quitting cigarette smoking. Through vaping your way to quitting, the process of saying no to cigars will be less difficult, and along the way, when you feel that you are not fully reliant to the substance anymore, you can then let go of the e-cigarette.

Also, e-cigarette users who do not want to quit smoking entirely have maintained the appropriate level of nicotine in their body in contrast to that of tobacco smokers who face the tendency of inclining nicotine levels that harm their body. Aside from lessening the toxins and nicotine in the body, vape users also claim that they feel better after quitting smoking and using electronic cigarette as a replacement.

Electronic cigarette is way better than smoking tobacco. Aside from the benefits you’d gain, finally letting go of tobacco is a reward that you can give yourself through vaping.