When a couple decides to have a baby it is a huge decision that is life changing to the family. The two person family will now become three or even more! Once a couple decides to try and become pregnant, the process does not always happen quickly and sometimes not at all. When a couple experiences infertility issues, a doctor is consulted and when the mother has problems carrying the child, an option of a surrogate can be discussed. Most couples never question the ability to become pregnant until years of trying results in sorrowful miscarriages or no pregnancy at all. Once a doctor has been consulted and the mother is the deciding factor on why the pregnancy is not happening, the doctor may suggest a surrogate. A surrogate is a woman who will carry your baby for you. This can take place with a fertilized egg from the father and mother placed in the surrogate’s womb or an egg of the surrogate being fertilized with the father’s sperm. In most cases, the couple’s fertilized egg is used to create a baby. The surrogate basically works as a carrier for the child.

How Surrogacy Gives New Life To Intended Parents

Giving New Life

A surrogate is a woman who happily helps a struggling couple become parents. The surrogate will work with the couple and keep them updated on the pregnancy and in most cases; the parents are involved with doctor visits during the entire pregnancy. The couple will attend the birth as they watch their new son or daughter enter the world. A surrogate is able to give the couple the ability to start a family and for many, there is no greater gift.  After months or even years of infertility issues or the heart break of miscarriage, it is an amazing feeling to know that your baby is safe and will be delivered healthy for you to help nurture and grow.

Understanding the Surrogacy Process

For many couples, surrogacy has never been a topic of discussion and most have no idea how the process actually works. An infertility agency assists you in learning more about how surrogacy can help you to become the biological parents of a child. The agency helps to match you to a surrogate that will meet your criteria and provide you with a start to your family. When trying to find the perfect surrogate, the agency will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and will then search for a surrogate that matches your criteria.

Starting Your Family

The process of surrogacy can be very intimidating and scary. You may be wondering how you can rely on someone else to provide you with your child. A proper surrogacy agency will help you with any questions or concerns you may have. By providing you with full disclosure and information on the process, you can learn exactly how the pregnancy is handled from start to finish so you can rest easy knowing in the end, you will be able to hold your biological child. Many families have been started with surrogacy and can help couples build the family that is so desperately desired. Couples or individuals who are having difficulty becoming pregnant should consider surrogacy as an option to a biological child. There are many wonderful women in the world who are willing to carry a child to help lovely people become parents to a healthy boy or girl and maybe even twins! Learn more about the process so your dreams of having a family can come true.