Keeping up with the latest in technology isn’t cheap. Big press conferences every year make it seem like current devices our now obsolete. So what’s the answer to this? Ditch them all and go back to how it used to be? Well, the truth is we’re now so accustomed to these technologies that it’s almost impossible to imagine how we’d stay productive without them. There is however a middle ground. Read on to find out how you can save money on tech.


Because many manufacturers release upgrades to their product lines on an annual basis, you can get deals on used versions if you buy at the time. The best time to buy is just as the new units come out. Then many who have upgraded will be selling their old models, flooding sites like eBay and Amazon with excess units and bringing the prices down. If you’re worried about receiving a phone in poor condition, look for someone who’s selling a good case with the phone as well. This is usually a good indication that they took care of their device.


If you’re buying a laptop computer, see if the manufacturer also offers refurbished units. The advantage here is that some of these products might have hardly been used, such as display units. For your desktop station, the best way to keep the prices down is to buy the separate components from retailers and then assemble them yourself. While this might seem daunting, there are numerous online guides out there that can help you with any problems you might have. Once you know the basics, you’ll make big savings in the long-term.


These days car manufacturers are incorporating features in their product lines that we associate with our smartphones and PCs. Touchscreen displays, Bluetooth, and smart features like Ford SYNC that can make a call to the emergency services when you’ve been involved in an accident. This doesn’t come cheap though. Specialist listings sites like are the number one place to find great deals on used vehicles. You may even be able to find cars that are ‘nearly new.’ These cars have often been barely driven, having been leased by corporate companies for their employees.

The biggest piece of advice you can get on buying technology is to be aware of how you use your own devices. Don’t be tempted to go over budget because the salesperson is giving you a good deal. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.