Whether or not you like infomercials, one thing is for certain. Infomercials have changed television and the way that many people shop. It’s not really surprising to realize the impact that infomercials have had on television. That fact is instantly apparent by the number of infomercial shown daily on practically every channel out there. There are even shopping channels devoted to shopping.

Here are five ways that infomercials have changed television and the people who love them.

Advertising Model

As Seen on TV and other big firms that specialize in direct mass marketing have come up with a sure fire way of promoting and selling products. With the help of a pitchman, the product can practically sell itself. More importantly, advertisers know that many people are visually shoppers. So using demonstrations, they can overcome any obstacles by letting a person see the benefits and realize the need for their product.

5 Ways How Infomercials Changed Television

Change in Shopping Habits

For many people today, shopping on line or at home has become a welcomed change from the Saturday shopping experience. With infomercials and other shopping outlets, like shopping channels and the internet, people have changed their shopping habits.

Now a person can shop from the comfort of their own homes. You no longer have to fight traffic, fight crowds and stand in line to get the best deals and items you are seeking. Not to say that people still don’t hit the malls or retail stores. Infomercials have added a new way of shopping and many advertisers understand it very well by making direct marketing a multi-billion dollar industry.

Choices in Products

With the popularity of the infomercial, the variety of products has increased. It really has become an inventor’s world. Creative and inventive minds have worked very hard to bring such a vast variety of products to the market. Many of them are practical and solve problems that a person may not even know exists. Others question how a product could even get past the planning stage, yet even make it to television.

The Creative Mind

Infomercials make even the strangest products a reality and available to sell. Not every product is going to be the next big hit. Every inventor hopes that their product will be that must-how item. For the majority of them it doesn’t happen, but infomercials really give the inventor the opportunity to be creative and innovative.


No doubt about it, selling is an art form. Either you have the knack or you don’t. For many, salesman conjures up the image of the shady used cars salesman trying to unload a broken down heap of junk on the unsuspecting buyer. Infomercials use salesmen or pitchmen to promote and sell their products, but the sales technique is different.

Gone are the days of being surrounded by store employees vying for your attention and your dollar.  Today, shoppers are safely in their homes and watching the salesman do his job on television. Being in your comfort zone makes the pitch of the product more comfortable as well. Shopping has become more relaxed than it was before infomercials and shopping channels.

If you think about your own experiences with infomercials, you’ll realize that they have become very good at selling you a product because they can overcome practically any hesitation you may have. And the mere fact that you have the option to control when and where you want to shop makes you more powerful than ever as a consumer. Unlike the retail shopping experience, infomercials are coming to you to sell their products. And with the variety of products on the market today, you might just find a product that you just can’t live without or rather, didn’t know you could live without.