Voxweb, an app that promises to bring photos to life, has turned out to be a great hit amongst users. Right from Tokyo to a suburb in California, the users are switching onto the orange line pictures. A culture that this app has made popular.

Explained: What are Speaking Pictures

In this, you first take a snap through a speaking picture app like Voxweb, and then, you add a small audio recording.  You can record an 11-second audio to it – enough for recording crucial emotions and send it to your contacts.

The pictures would be marked with orange colored lines and will speak as and when someone taps on it. The app is available for free of cost on both apple and android smartphones. There is no fee or restrictions on the app’s usage.

Next: How it can help you

Right from taking audio memos to immortalize your memories, audio images takes care of everything for you. Imagine taking a picture of your glasses and recording a message explaining where they are kept. If you ever forget it, you can just look up the picture and find it.

Or, if you are scheduled for a meeting and need to carry a report, you can capture the audio to the image telling yourself what you need. In any case, that would work well for you, and make sure that you don’t miss out on anything important.

Worldwide Embrace

The world is embracing this new form of images, from east to west, people are sharing talking selfies with their friends and family and are recording daredevil feats. The world is waking up to the new form of image sharing. Orange line is turning out to be the new gold standard in the field of image sharing.


The speaking images are looking all good to get embraced by a wide array of platforms and could be possibly integrated to a wide range of things like websites, social media etc. the app is looking all set to make a new precedent in the world of image sharing.

Now the final Word

While things work on your preference, there is every good reason why you should switch onto this new way of image sharing. Besides, you can even boast that you started using this new form of doing things much before anyone else.

There is a reason why people are embracing this new way of capturing images. And that is because the orange lines are letting people get into the sea full of images. It is easy, convenient and is fun. It is now a fascinating thing rolling the internet.

Voxweb is quite innovative and backed by smart developers; it seeks to revive the debate of bringing changes in the static world of image sharing. Social media platforms are adopting a wait and watch approach and are sure to adopt the new way of sharing emotions. It is vibrant, easy, convenient and just everything that videos and images are not.