Affiliate Marketing

There are two different approaches to affiliate marketing: get traffic from important sources, such as the major websites that get readers of all ages and social categories or a niche. It is not so easy to get 100,000 visitors a month in order to make 10 000$ from affiliate marketing. Let’s see how it is possible to make fair money in a civilized way, without spamming inboxes and aggressing viewers with ads and banners for which you can’t find the close button

What is affiliate marketing after all?

Affiliate marketing is the procedure with which the publisher recommends a product or service on his website winning a percentage from the sales that are made through his website.

The procedure implies “planting” a cookie in the computer of the clicker, and if the respective person makes an acquisition from the vendor in a limited time period of 30 to 60 days, the commission goes to the publisher.

Where to start?


Check if there is an online store that sells stuff that you know, start a blog where you write about it. Hints: virtual stores, crazy gifts, fashion ideas for men and women.

If you already have a blog, try to determine the profile of your potential customers. What types of articles are more attractive? Are there products in this niche? Test links; see if those are clicked and effective.  Do not hesitate to change their positions if needed, and add discrete banners that are clicked by users. Or not. It is not necessary to choose a related niche to place banners, but as long as a visitor is on your website is reading your articles about iPhones, he might not interested in that banner promoting personal loans.

Those strategies, and generally the entire article are not addressed to children and alliterates. If you are of 16 years of age, it is unlikely to be able to promote credit cards. We know that you have enthusiasm, but maybe you should go to college first, don’t mind us for dampening your enthusiasm, but affiliate marketing is a business and not a game.

How to sell


Some people sell well with links. They write an article, place one or two links in the text, the readers of the articles then click and buy. The links are not annoying or aggressive, they are well placed. The best method is recommendation. As the master of credit cards, I recommend you try this method.  The method should work well and the customer will be happy.

What to sell?


While in the case of the selling technique, you can choose links, banners or ads, in the case of what to sell. It is important that you work on something that you like and know.

Visitors are looking for a legitimate, objective, and approved review about a certain product. Be sincere! As you are the master of cell phones, it is expected by visitors for you to write about the negative aspects of the respective products, not only about their positive side. Don’t write exhaustive articles praising the virtues of a phone, telling the potential buyers that it will never break.

You can sell credit cards, IT equipment, phones and anything else that you can find in the online world. The trick is to find an affiliate program that offers you the liberty of customization, and a large number of articles to promote. Maybe you only sell cell phones now, but later you might want to sell computers and laptops. A seasoned professional will know that working with several affiliate companies is hard.  It is a good idea to find a company that offers you the possibility to sell what you want now, but also the possibility to expand to other products in the future.

Free tips


Affiliate marketing is free marketing for perspective stores; it can be particularly helpful if you don’t know how to sell. Don’t waste your time with obscure stores; you want to be able to find a store with quality products. It is of no use to find the smallest price for a product.  The product has to be popular or you won’t get the commission.

Don’t put tens of links in an article, unless you need to make comparisons about products. People get bored, and reading a text that has tens of colors is annoying.

Don’t agglomerate the blog with a ton of banners. In this context, the banners won’t help you unless you have huge traffic. The banners might make your website operate at a very slow pace.

Don’t complain about the expiration time of the cookie. Even if it is 10 or 100 days, the trick is to get the visitor to buy the product RIGHT NOW. It is unlikely that they will return to your article again. The customer probably won’t bookmark the respective store just to get the product later. 99% of affiliate sales are made instantly, so the expiration of the cookie is practically an overrated subject.

About the Author: Arian is working for the CleverTim Company, visit their site for sales leads manager software.