When we hire a car, it means that we entail more responsibility. Safety should be out utmost concerns and there are a few precautions that we need to consider. This is the only way to make our journey enjoyable and safe. There are multiple safety guidelines that we can follow. When hiring a car, we need to make sure that we won’t use it longer than planned. It means that we need to review all the maps to make sure that we get to our destination. In this modern era, paper maps are no longer needed, so we may need to check Google Maps or the in-car navigation system to study the most efficient routes.

It will waste a lot of time getting lost halfway and redirecting ourselves will be quite challenging. It will be dangerous to read map while we are driving. So, we should avoid doing this at all costs. When we are absolutely ready to embark on our journey, we should also spend enough time to get familiarized with the interior of the car. We should know the locations of buttons and switches for door locks, windscreen wipers and hazard lights. We should know how to use cruise control, stereo set, air conditioner and navigation system. Without enough familiarization, these features will only become distractions.

We should also consider our safety while driving. There are different safety parameters that we should known. As an example, we should wear seat belt at all times and pay attention. We shouldn’t run red lights and we need to abide by the speed limits. We should also continuously keep an eye on the temperature gauge.

When the temperature has gone above the middle, we may need to pull over and let the car cools down, before checking the coolant level. In some cases, we will need to drive through a long stretch of isolated region. It means that we need to have enough fuel to make sure that we can reach our destination. If we see disabled cars or odd hitchhikers, it may not be a good idea to pull over.

When driving, we should make sure that there’s enough room between us and the car in front of us. This also applies at traffic lights. The distance between two cars should be about 2 second at slow speed, 3 seconds at medium speed and 4 seconds at higher speeds. We should understand this and it’s better safe than sorry.

When returning the car, we should make sure that it’s in the same exact condition. There should be no changes, even if we consider them as improvements. We should also know the type of fuel that we need to use. Using the wrong type of fuel can cause obstruction on the fuel system and may cause permanent damage to the engine. We also need to undertake any necessary precautions to prevent crime. Valuable items inside our car should be kept away from the prying eyes.