Unlike other facial feature, eyebrow is an important constituent of facial symmetry and contributes to overall aesthetic appearance among men and woman. Eyebrow is one facial feature that everyone looks at a first gaze. So, if you wish to improve your facial beauty or perk up your look, transplantation surgery is recommended. Most often, this surgery can help to restore youthful appearance that everyone craves for.

What Exactly is this Surgery?

Eyebrow restoration surgery in uk is an artistic procedure in which a brow is designed depending upon your facial features, and you get personalized results. An experienced cosmetic surgeon considers various factors like the arch shape, thickness of hair, space between the brows and length of brows.

Why to go for this Surgery?

There are several reasons why you need to consider this surgery because eyebrows lose their natural look by:

  • Congenital factors
  • Trauma-burns, accident or electrical burns
  • Radiation or chemo-therapy
  • Medical, auto immune or systematic disorder
  • Obsessive plucking of eyebrow hair also referred to as Trichotillomania
  • Aging process
  • Genetic

Restore Your Confidence With Eye-brow Transplation

Eyebrow Hair Restoration Method

For those men and woman, who wish to have full and natural eyebrows, automated Follicular Unit Extraction is the best surgical method. In contrast to strip method this method helps in fast recovery, leaves no scars, no sutures and  less post operative care is required. In this method a single graft or hair follicles are obtained from the scalp because they contain large amount of single-follicular units with the smallest diameter.

Procedure in Detail

Eyebrow hair transplation use hair from a donor area (generally taken behind the ears) of the head which is extracted hair by hair by the surgeon. Your surgeon will then transplant individual hair follicle into the selected shape. This is done under strict supervision of local anaesthetic. Additionally, this treatment is not invasive and carries minimal risk in form of marks or scars.

Eyebrow Design 

Men and woman have strikingly different features when it comes to eyebrow. Men have more pronounced and thicker eyebrows, while on the other hand woman have delicate and elegant eyebrow. Proper angulation of the hair follicle is required.

The main benefit of eyebrow transplantation in comparison to tattooing and dying is, this method is permanent and it uses state-of-the-art follicular unit technology to create a natural look. Eyebrow transplation results are undetectable as it blends well with the existing brow. Another reason why this eyebrow transplantation is surging high in terms of popularity is because of the incredible results and reasonably low cost.


The results are permanent and you will notice an immediate difference. Proper results will be visible over the course of next year. Hair grows in 3 phases, so don’t be alarmed if you witness hair shedding after the transplant. Hair growth may vary from person to person; as the transplanted hair grows you need to trim them to get the desired look.

Post Operative Procedure

Once the procedure is done, the patients experience little or no discomfort and may leave for their home unless sedation is given. Majority of the patients are comfortable during and after the procedure, and many may return to their normalcy within few weeks. The following day the transplanted area is irrigated to remove dry crusts. This should be done at least three times in a day after the surgery and twice daily for a week. After bath, a prescribed antibiotic ointment should be applied to the brow to soften the crust and enable them to be easily removed with the next washing.  Bruising after surgery is too common and it may take a week or so to return to normal.

The tiny layer that forms after surgery discards off within ten 10 days. After that particular time, there is no evidence of this procedure as the follicles go into dormant stage for about three to four months. It is a difficult phase because the eyebrow will look similar to pre-transplation. Patience is the key to success.

After 4 months, your eyebrow hair will grow in a normal fashion. At this point you will see that your brows will start to fill in. Transplanted hairs grow promptly and they require trimming because the transplanted hair grows at a normal rate like your scalp hair. Regular trimming is necessary to maintain the eyebrows. You may straighten them, pluck the, wax them dye them and trim them according to your own whims and wishes.

The only thing that you need to avoid is rigorous exercise to reduce the risk of infection.