Waking up early is one of the most difficult things to do. The nice cosy bed seems too tempting and you cannot simply get out of it. The fact that you have to take a shower, make and eat breakfast and then go to work further weakens your resolve.

We live now in complicated and competitive times where getting exercise is becoming impossible. However it is imperative to ensure that your body and mental health is taken care of. In case of negligence, you may face numerous health hazards later on. To facilitate you in your quest for a holistic approach to take care of your body, gathered here are some tips for morning exercises. These will leave you refreshed and energized for a fruitful day ahead.

7 Easy Exercises In Morning Can Boost Your Body

Jumping Jacks

To do jumping jacks you will have to stand straight. Then place your arms at your sides and start hopping. Before hopping remember to place your legs apart so that they are a little wider than your shoulders. Now when you start hopping, you will have to swing your arms as well and have them touch each other above your head. Return to the original position and repeat. Do this for half an hour or do three sets of 20 reps each.

Cherry Pickers

For cherry pickers you will have to stand straight yet again with your arms loosely on your sides. Then start to lean over and try to reach the ground right in front of you. Try not to lose your balance. Remember to approach the ground that is in between your legs and then reach for the ground that is behind your legs. This is harder than it seems as you will be sweating profusely after three or four reps. Try to do as many reps as you can since it directly applies pressure on your tummy.

Bend and Thrust

To do this you will stand straight first of all. Then slowly start squatting downwards and place your hands on the grounds for support and balance. Next slowly thrust your legs backwards so that you find yourself in a push up position. Then start to reverse so that you are standing up again.

Mountain Climbers

The “mountain climbers” is an exercise that will utilize your legs as it requires you to squat down while placing your hands on the ground. Then start to extend on one leg while the other is still tucked. Slowly stick out the other one while tucking one leg back under you.

Trunk Twists

Trunk twist is an incredibly easy exercise to do in the mornings. You will start by standing straight and then lean forward. Start leaning on your left hand side first, then backwards and then to your right side so that you are going around in circles.

Marine Push-ups

Push ups are one of the best exercises that you can do. To start push ups you will have to get in a prone position first. Place your feet together and balance yourself on your toes. With your hands on the ground such that they are placed apart from each other at your shoulder’s length, start to push yourself up. Try to maintain a straight back. Then lower yourself back towards the ground so that your chest is touching the ground. Repeat this twenty times so you can actually burn some calories.


To perform lunges you will have to place your hands on your hips while standing up. Place one foot forward and the other leg should be bent at the knee. Then slowly push yourself backwards with your foot still extended so that you are in a standing position again. Now do the same step but switch legs. Try to repeat the process for at least ten to fifteen times for a good exercise routine.

It is understandable if you are not an early bird and find it difficult getting up, but to ensure that you body gets proper exercise in the morning, try to wake up early. Sweat and exercise before you do anything. The advantages of getting a good exercise in the mornings are many and you don’t have to rely on drugs like MyPhentramin-d. Regular morning exercise even puts you in a better mood for the rest of the day and prepares you to meet the daily challenges.

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