Netflix is said to provide its members with a collection of TV programs and movie rental service, all at flat monthly fees. This company is not said to have any brick and mortar store. Instead, it tries to interface with all its customers through the web and US Postal Service. There are plenty of titles, which are made available to members on Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs which is delivered by mail to the subscriber. Apart from this, some titles could be streamed to subscribers through the web.

Renting DVD’s Made Easy

Renting DVDs through US mail system is regarded to be the core business of Netflix. The new customer is required to visit the website of the company for subscribing to a plan. Most of the plans are quite similar, except the fact that more amount paid by the subscriber, the more discs can be availed by him/her on loan and at any point of time. If the new customer signs for most popular plan, it would permits him to avail maximum number of discs at one go.

On the completion of subscription procedure, the new customer now can make use of the website for setting up lists of titles desired. Netflix then determines availability of requested titles, mails subscribers discs comprising the available title present on the list of the customer, along with the prepaid return envelopes. As the subscribers mails the disc back to the company, it sends next available title when requested. It is the subscriber, who is required to have list of titles to be kept up to date.

Facilities on Offer

  1. The subscriber can use the disc for a longer period without having to pay any late fine, besides flat monthly fee and applicable taxes.
  2. Netflix is said to pay postage fees both ways.
  3. Customer can have a subscription cancelling at any point of time, without inviting extra fees.
  4. Netflix has several shipping points all over the US. It claims that about 95% of the customers generally receive DVD in just a single business days once it is shipped.
  5. There is present huge selection of titles, which includes most of the hard to find.
  6. The subscriber does not have to visit the store, since he can select his favorite title/s at the convenience and comfort of his home.

The major benefit to subscribing with Netflix is that many people find are:

  1. Convenience: It is possible to do everything from the office or home and not have to visit any place
  2. No due dates or late fees, which means the individual can easily budget fixed costs each month.
  3. The individual can have better access to titles in greater variety than he would find with any alternative way to rent movies

American sniper Netflix is said to work best for those people who are eager to decide much in advance as to what type of movies they would like to avail for themselves or their families, so that they can enjoy thoroughly.