Car racing games are very famous among the people of each and every age group, these games comes with various cars and different racing tracks here some most amazing car racing games free download for windows. All such games are very interesting while playing such games we’ll forget about everything, these all games are available for free on various websites and the installation process of this game is very easy.

Best Free Racing Games For Windows

Driving Speed 2 2.0.11

Driving speed is one of the very famous games and it can be very easily played in windows XP/Vista/7, it doesn’t require any high quality graphics normal HD graphics are sufficient for this game. The size of this game is 105.35 MB and this game is released from the house of Wheelspin Studios.  In this game you have to select a car from the four high powered V8 muscle cars and race with 11 other opponent which are controlled by computer itself. This game comes with beautiful and realistic graphics. This game can also be played through LAN; you can compete with your 8 friends and make new track records. And you can share your performance over internet. The minimum requirement of this game is 256 MB RAM and about 228 MB free spaces on ROM.


Motoracing is an amazing game with beautiful graphics and very good performance, the size of this game is about 23.29 MB and can be played on windows XP/vista/7. This game came from the house of Game Top; here in this game you can have different bikes with amazing features and specifications. You can choose your own bike which will have beautiful graphics and unbelievable power, and you can also knock your enemy out from the game by using different weapons. Basically this game consists of different career modes and various other actions.

TORCS 1.3.4

Torcs is a very famous game which is played at very large scale, the size of this game is about 273.49 MB, and can be operated on Windows 2000/XP/Vista. This is an amazing game and available with complete user licence, here in this game you compete with the opponents which are driven by computer itself. You have  about 42 different cars from which you can choose any one car, the race happens with about 50 opponents and the car can be controlled with the help of joystick or remote control.

TrackMania Nations Forever 2.11.11

TrackMania is one of the fastest growing games as per the downloading consideration, the size of this game is about 506.02 MB, and this game came from the house of TrackMania  and can be easily supported by windows XP/7, the presence of graphic card is not necessary for this game. This game provides you numerous car choices so that you can have your favourite car with you and you can race on about 70 different racing tracks. You can share your achievements in these games with complete world by registering yourself on the website. You can also play some challenges online with other competitors all across the world. This game assured you that you will have never dyeing experience and i promise you that you will surely enjoy the game.

TROPHY 1.1.1

Thophy is a fantastic game which comes with amazing graphics and spectacular action, the size of this game is 7.64MB and can be easily downloaded from internet, the installation process of this game is very easy and can be supported by windows XP/7/2000 there is no need of graphic card for this game. This game provide you options of selecting car from various options, the track of racing is also as per your choice.

Ferrari Virtual Race

Ferrari virtual race is an interesting game with lots of action and various other twists, this game belongs to official Ferrari games. There are three cars from which you can select your favourite 430 Scuderia, 599 Fiorano and 612 Scaglietti these three are the choices. The cars are equipped with exactly same features as they were present in the original Ferrari cars.  And the racing tracks are very much similar to the world’s best racing tracks, the sound of the game is not up to the mark but yes graphics are of amazing quality. The size of this game is about 75.9MB and the cost is nothing, it can be very easily downloaded from the website and the minimum requirement for this game is windows XP/2000 with about 1GB free space on the hard disk.

These are some game for which you can go, since we all know the racing games (vivagran )  are very interesting, they are full of adventure and the best thing is the playing methodology is very simple. All these games are available free on internet and can be easily downloaded from the websites. Happy reading 🙂